AEG Telefunken OCXO 1 MHz 52.1260.710.00 for AEG Rx

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One Frequency Standard - Frequenznormal


Model: 52.1260.710.00

for several AEG SW Receivers


this is an Oven Controlled X-tal Oscillator .............Frequency ....1 MHz
Output of Rf Signal with caoxial Socket --- marked ST 712 for the use in AEG ( 639 - 739 etc. ) SW Receivers

Input of power and control with 5 PIN socket ... marked ST 711

remark:  We have no documentation for this OCXO .... but for the follow up Model 52.1266.710.00
Buyer will either know or can find out with the wiring diagram for the follow up model

OCXO is in excellent cosmetic condition.... out of spare part store MIL....should work 100 % ... Buyer can send it back and will be refunded , if he is not satisfied with it.

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