Advantest R3361C Spectrum Analyzer 9kHz-2,6 (2.8) GHz with SW for EMI PAK XL-SW

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Manufacturer: Advantest (Rohde & Schwarz - EMI PAK XL)

Model: R3361C Spectrum Analyzer 9 kHz...2,6 GHz
with Tracking Generator
with installed Rohde & Schwarz EMI-PAK XL Software

S/N: 61730059


This Spectrum Analyzer uses a synthesized technique to cover a wide frequency band 9 kHz to 2,6 GHz. Level measurement accuracy of ±1 dB It provides high performance functions such as the 1 Hz resolution frequency setting function and 1 Hz resolution frequency counter function. On screen resolution is 30 Hz, high sensitivity of -130 dBm. The unit has built-in Tracking Generator, covering the frequency range of 9 kHz to 2.6 GHz. A demodulated AM/FM audio signal is available at the marker position without switching to zero-span. Furthermore the model C is equipped with Option 04 as standard: Adjacent channel measurement and automatic bandwidth OBW (occupied bandwidth).


- Total Level Accuracy of 1 dB
- 1 Hz Resolution Synthesizer and Frequency Counter
- Unique Sound Monitor Mode and Marker Pause Mode
- Manual Sweep Function for Spot Measurement
- Availability of your own created Unique Menu
- 120 dB Dynamic Range CRT Display
- Fast Measurement with Measuring Window Function
- Burst Signal Analysis (Optional)
- Controller Function for Automatic Measuring (Optional)


Frequency range: 9 KHz - 2,6 GHz ..... ( SWEEP/ MARKER up to MAX. 2.8 GHz )
Frequency resolution: 1 Hz
Max resolution: Resolution Bandwith 30 HZ
Amplitude measuring range: from -130 dBm to +25 dBm
Output level range: from 0 dBm to -50 dBm
Sweep time: from 50 ms to 1000 s
Demodulator: AM-FM
Display: CRT monochrome
Tracking generator: internal OPTION 04 = OBW...ADJ GRAPH.... PRINTER

Items delivered:

- Advantest R3361C Spectrum Analyzer
- installed EMI-PAK XL Software/Hardware Package
- Advantest Memory Card
- Power Cord
- 2 pcs. Instruction Manuals... one ORIGINAL ADVANTEST ( English ) one special USERS Leaflet from Rohde & Schwarz ( German )

The Advantest R3361C is in good cosmetic condition and 100% functional tested. Passes ( SHIFT 7 ) complete TEST with approx. 3 minutes duration without any error successfully. Furthermor all extensive TESTS using the internal 30 MHz Signal Source and our external Signal Generators are passed successfully within all Specifications.

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