Agilent Keysight E5515C 8960 Series 10 Test Set E6701H E6704A 002 003 UK6 E GPRS

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Manufacturer: Agilent / Keysight

Model: E5515C (8960 Series 10) Wireless Communications Test Set

S/N: MY47511325 (Last Calibration Oct, 2013)


002    -    Second RF source. (Required for all  GSM, GPRS, and EGPRS applications.)
003    -    Flexible CDMA base station emulator. (Required  for all cdma2000/ IS-95/AMPS, W-CDMA, and 1xEV-DO applications.
UK6  -    Commercial calibration certificate with test data.


The Keysight E5515C hardware platform for the 8960 Series 10 wireless  communication test set offers mobile manufacturers immediate competitive advantages. Developed for high-volume, automated mobile phone manufacturing  test, the proven 8960 wireless communications test set offers speed, accuracy, repeatability, multi-format capability, ease of programming, and  format-flexible architecture. For the mobile manufacturer, this translates into lower test costs and higher production output to help meet  customer demand for phones now and into the future.

GSM/GPRS LA rev H - E6701H - licensed
EGPRS LA rev A - E6704A - licensed

Items delivered:

- E5515C 8960 Series 10 Wireless Communications Test Set
- Power Cord
- Instruction Manual as PDF via E-Mail

Hersteller: Agilent
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