Analytik Jena UVP LMS-20 Visi Blue Transilluminator 8W 254/302/365nm 95-0417-02

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Manufacturer: Analytik Jena

Model: UVP Transilluminator LMS-20 + UV blocking cover

REF: 849-20013-0

P/N: 95-0417-02

S/N: D100327

YoM: 2017


This compact, benchtop UVP transilluminator LMS-20 is equipped with 8-watt tubes 254/302/365nm UV and a filter size of 20 x 20cm. This UVP transilluminator provides back-illumination of transparent fluorescent materials. It is equipped with an UV blocking cover to shield the user from UV. The amber protective cover blocks blue light transmission is adjustable. Achieve accurate and reproducible RNA and DNA protein results. UVP's patented Benchtop Transilluminator allows selection of longwave, midrange or shortwave in one compact unit. With the 365 nm longwave UV, view gels for extended periods of time, avoiding photonicking damage. The 302nm mid-range UV increases the fluorescence for photo documentation and the 254 nm shortwave UV will irradiate samples.


- Improved gel visualization and gel documentation
- Increased ultraviolet output and intensity
- View gels using longwave UV for extended periods of time, reducing photonicking damage
- Switch to 302nm to increase the fluorescence for photodocumentation
- Use shortwave to irradiate samples
- Fast lamp start up with no light flicker
- 8-Watt tubes provide longer tube life
- The amber protective cover blocks blue light transmission is adjustable
- Compact size is an alternative to larger High Performance UV Transilluminators
- Lighter weight
- Universal power supply with reduced electrical consumption


- Single Intensity: 254/302/365nm UV
- Filter Size: 20 x 20cm
- Dimensions: (279 x 356 x 137mm) Height includes UV blocking cover

Items delivered:

-  Analytik Jena UVP Transilluminator LMS-20 + UV blocking cover


The whole item is in excellent cosmetic as well as operating condition. It is 100% functional tested and ready to be used.

Hersteller: Analytik Jena
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