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Manufacturer: Binder

Model: KB 720 E3.1 Cooled Incubator with Air Circulation


The most versatile among the cooled incubators for microorganisms: The BINDER KB series cooled incubator controls temperature ranges of -5 °C to 100 °C. With its comprehensive program functions, this cooled incubator offers a wide range of capabilities and delivers reproducible test results.


• Electronically controlled APT.lineTM preheating chamber and patented DCTTM refrigeration system assuring temperature accuracy and reproducible results in both heating and cooling situations
• Temperature range -5 °C to 100 °C
• MP controller with 2 programs with 10 sections each, alternatively switchable to 1 program with 20 sections
• Integrated week program timer with real-time function
• Adjustable ramp function via program editor
• Digital temperature setting with an accuracy of a tenth of a degree
• Adjustable fan speed
• Elapsed time indicator
• Independent adjustable temperature safety device class 3.1, providing full protection against chamber over-temperature, with visual and audible temperature alarm
• Inner glass door
• RS 422 interface for communication software APT-COMTM DataControlSystem
• Adjustable intervals for printer
• 4 Wheels (2 with brakes)
• 2 stainless steel racks


BINDER cooling incubator: KB 720 (E5.1)
Exterior dimensions: (WxHxD) 1255 x 1925 x 1070 mm 
Number of doors: 2
Inner glass doors: 2
Interior dimensions: (WxHxD) 970 x 1250 x 576 mm
Interior volume: 698 L
Racks (number standard/max.): 2 / 15
Load per rack: 45kg
Permitted total load: 150kg
Weight (empty): 309kg
Temperature data 
Temperature range: -5...+100°C
Temperature variation max.: 0.5°C
 at 4 °C: 0.2°C
 at 25 °C: 0.2°C
 at 37 °C: 0,2°C
Temperature fluctuation max.: 0,1°C
Recovery time after door was opened for 30 sec 2)
 at 4 °C (± K): 12 Minutes
 at 37 °C (± K): 2 Minutes

Itemds delivered:

- Binder KB720 Cooled Incubator
- 2 Shelves
- Instruction Manual

The Binder KB720 is in new old stock and has never been used in lab environment.
Ready for it's first duty.

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