BRAND Transferpette Electronic 1-Channel Microliter Pipette 1000 µl 100-1000 µl

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Manufacturer: BRAND  

Model: Transferpette Electronic Single Channel Microliter Pipette 1000 µl 100-1000 µl

P/N: 705306

S/N: O5 E66134


Brand Transferpette Electronic Single Channel Microliter Pipette 1000 µl combines the globally proven properties of mechanical piston operated air displacement pipettes with the advantages of an electronic device. The optimal design, the arrangement of the operating keys and the adjustable finger rest allow the motorized Transferpette electronic to be tailored to the shape of your hand. The Transferpette electronic design ensures significantly easier operation and is the first microlitre pipette worldwide to be awarded the *Ergonomics Approved* certificate from the TUV Rhineland.


- Motor-driven, to reduce the risk of RSI and imprecision/inaccuracy caused by operator variability
- Five operating modes: Pipetting mode, Reverse pipetting, Mixing, Dispensing, Gel-electrophoresis modes
- Easy Calibration function for rapid adjustment of the unit without tools
- Extremely fast pipetting speed
- Simple, in-lab maintenance
- The pipette shaft can be unscrewed and is entirely autoclavable (121°C)
- NiMH rechargeable battery pack and battery regeneration-mode
- CE-marked according to IVD-Directive 98/79 EG


- Number of Channels: One
- Volume (Metric) Range: 50 to 1000 µL
- Capacity: 100 - 1000 µl
- Increments: 1.0 µl
- Accuracy: ±6µL
- Temperature (Metric) Operating: 15 to 40°C
- Accuracy max. vol.: 0.6 (= ± R%)
- Precision max. vol.: 0.2 (= CV%)

Items delivered:

- BRAND Transferpette Electronic Single Channel Microliter Pipette 1000 µl 100-1000 µl
- Table Stand
- Power Supply Adapter
- Instruction Manual


The item is in very good cosmetic condition, it is 100% functional tested and ready for you to apply.

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