Beckman DU-65 UV/Vis Scanning Spectrophotometer 200-900nm Wavelength Scan

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Manufacturer: Beckman

Model: DU-65 UV/Vis Spectrophotometer

P/N: 120651

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Beckman Coulter DU-65 uv-vis spectrophotometer. The Beckman DU-65 is an  instrument that combines optimized wavelength scanning with step-programmable capabilities and brings self contained versatility and productivity to the laboratory. The  basic operation can be mastered in seconds with time saving features like  storage of calibrations and auto-scaling of scans. With its Plug in Soft-Pacs, repeated  analyses can be produced at the touch of a button with a variety of functions such as linear and non-linear calibration curves, wavelength scans, kinetic measurements,  and gel-scans. These modules are available for various applications such as protein assays, DNA purity, tablet dissolution rates, and performance validation.

No need of software or anything else - very comfortable wavelength scans with  transmission and absorbance with the printer on top!


Operating Principle: Double beam spectrometer for the UV/VIS region, with  microcomputer electronics, keyboard entry and vacuum fluorescence display.
Monochromator: Holographic concave grating with 1053 lines/mm.
Radiation: Prealigned Deuterium and Tungsten halogen lamps with automatic lamp  switching.
Wavelength: 200 nm – 900 nm.
Scanning Speed : 500 or 750 nm/ min selectable
Stray Radiation: Measured with a 2 sec response time
< 0.03 %T at 220 nm
< 0.02 %T at 340 nm, 370 nm.
Wavelength Accuracy: +- 0.3 nm at Deuterium peak 656.1 nm.
Reproducibility: +- 0.1 nm.
Spectral Slit Width: 2 nm.
Photometric Accuracy: +- 0.005 A at 1 A (measured with NBS 930 filters).
Reproducibility: +- 0.002 A at 1A.
Range: -3 to +3 A.
Stability: < 0.0003 A/h (at 500 nm, 1 sec response time, after warmup).
Baseline Stability: +- 0.001 A (200-900 nm at 0 A, 2 sec response time, 240  nm/min scan speed.
Noise: < 0.0003 A (at 0 A, 500 nm, 2 sec response time)

All Intelligence in the Instrument with direct keyboard input. . No need for  external PC, Software or anything else - very comfortable wavelength scans with  transmission and absorbance with the printer on top giving you direct print-outs  of any made scan. SEE PHOTO

Items delivered:

- Beckman DU-65 UV/Vis Spectrometer
- Epson FX-850 (new ink ribbon installed)
- Performance Validation Soft-Pac Module (596716)
- Memory Pac Module (598286)
- Quant II Soft-Pac Module (598288
- Beckman Instruction Manuals German & English
- Connection and Power Cords
- Spare Lamp

The spectrometer DU-65 is in good cosmetic condition and 100% functional tested.  Passes selftests and runs wavelength scans very smooth.

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