Beckman Optima MAX 130K Ultracentrifuge 130.000 rpm 99h 40°C 2004 *SERVICED*

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Manufacturer: Beckman

Model: Optima MAX-130K Ultracentrifuge

P/N: 364300

S/N: CTM04L04

The following rotors available (sold separate!):

- Beckman MLA-80 TI Fixed-Angle Rotor
- Beckman TLA-100.2 Fixed Angle Rotor
- Beckman TLA 100.3 Fixed Angle Rotor
- Beckman TLN 100 Fixed Angle Rotor


The Optima MAX microprocessor controlled tabletop ultracentrifuge generates high centrifugal forces for a variety of high-speed applications.
The aluminum rotor chamber is coated with a chemical-resistant epoxy finish to resist corrosion. The rotor drive hub and speed sensors are visible in the bottom of the chamber.
A diffusion pump, in series with a mechanical vacuum pump, reduces chamber pressure to below 10 microns (1.34 Pa). The vacuum pump starts automatically when the power is turned on and the door is closed. The diffusion pump is automatically activated when chamber pressure reaches about 500 microns. When the instrument is on and the door closed, a self-purging system continuously removes moisture from the vacuum system.
The solid-state thermoelectric temperature control system uses only forced air—no coolant is required. With the power on, the temperature control system is activated when the door is closed and the vacuum system comes on. Run temperature can be set between 0 and 40°C. If no set temperature is entered, the instrument automatically selects the last entered temperature. (For the first run of a new instrument, 25°C is the default operating temperature.) A sensor in the rotor chamber continuously monitors chamber temperature. The microprocessor calculates the required chamber temperature to maintain the selected rotor temperature. Peak-to-peak fluctuations of rotor temperature (after reaching thermoequilibrium) will be within 0.1°C.
The air-cooled direct-drive induction motor is frequency controlled, with no gears or brushes. In addition, the drive does not require an oil vacuum seal or external oil reservoir. Externally cooled by forced air and internally cooled by oil, the drive delivers ultra-smooth, quiet performance.
The control panel with digital displays, run-parameter keys, keypad, power switch is used to enter run parameters via touch keys and a keypad, and to display run parameters and program information. A beep sounds when a key has been pressed and the input accepted.
User messages appear on the control panel to assist you in properly operating the instrument or to alert you to conditions requiring attention.
The steel chamber door has an electromechanical door-locking mechanism to prevent operator contact with a spinning rotor. When the door is closed it locks automatically. It can be unlocked only by pressing "door", and opened only when the power is on and the rotor is at rest.


- variable-frequency induction drive
- thermoelectric temperature control system
- self-purging vacuum system
- rotor overspeed identification system
- program memory that can contain up to ten five-step programs
- choice of acceleration and deceleration rates


- Speed:
Set speed: 5 000 to 130 000 rpm in 1 000-rpm increments
Speed control: actual rotor speed, ±50 rpm of set speed
Speed display: actual rotor speed in 100-rpm increments above 5 000 rpm and 10-rpm increments at speeds below 5 000 rpm
- Time:
Set time: to 99 hours 59 minutes
- Time display:
Manual operation: indicates run time remaining
Programmed operation: time remaining in step
- Temperature:
Set temperature: 0 to 40°C in 0.1° increments
Temperature control (after equilibration): ±2°C of set temperature
Temperature display: actual rotor temperature in 0.1° increments
Ambient temperature range: 15 to 35°C
Humidity restrictions: <95% (noncondensing)
Vacuum: below 10 microns (1.34 Pa)
Acceleration: 10 acceleration profiles—9 slow rates from 0 to 5 000 rpm followed by full acceleration to set speed; or maximum acceleration
Deceleration: 11 deceleration profiles—10 slow rates from 5 000 to 0 rpm, including coasting to a stop without brake; or full dynamic braking from set speed
- Dimensions:
Housing (W x D x H): 73.7 x 58.4 x 58.4 cm
Ventilation clearances (sides and rear): 7.6 cm
- Finishes:
Control panel: coated polycarbonate
Top surface: urethane paint
Other surfaces: general purpose paint
- Electrical requirements:
220/240-V instrument: 198–254 VAC, 6 A, 50 Hz
Maximum heat dissipation into room under steady-state conditions: 0.5 kW
Noise level 0.91 m in front of centrifuge: <60 dBa
Installation category: II
Pollution degree: 2

Items delivered:

- Beckman Optima MAX-130K Ultracentrifuge
- Instruction Manual as PDF via E-Mail request


This Ultracentrifuge is in excellent cosmetic as well as technical condition. It is 100% functional tested and last serviced in 2018. It is ready for your applications.

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