Becton Dickinson BACTEC FX40 (x2) Blood Culture System Diagnostics (80 Vials)

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Manufacturer: Becton Dickinson

Model: BACTEC FX40 (x2) Blood Culture Bacteriological Analyzer (80 Vials)

P/N (BD BACTEC FX40): 442296

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The Becton Dickinson BACTEC FX Blood Culture System is a bacteriological analyzer ideal for the detection of bloodstream infections. This new system improves clinical decision-making and laboratory workflow by markedly improving blood culturing practices with real-time, remotely accessible, actionable results that can enhance patient care.
This is the most compact, innovative system design for maximum ergonomics and laboratory space utilization. Born from the combination of proven technologies (fluorescent detection, resin media) and the latest innovations in ergonomics, design and information technology, this system is capable of responding to your laboratory’s needs of today and tomorrow, providing the assurance of rapid and reliable results. By helping detect positive blood cultures early, the system may also help the physician quickly implement therapy to positively affect patient outcomes and reduce lengths of stay. Designed for performance, efficiency, ease of use and flexibility – keeping pace with the rapidly changing needs of the laboratory, this blood culture system can streamline workflow and minimize process steps – two factors which are key to reducing labor costs. Data management of patient information is possible through a bi-directional interface with the BD EpiCenter Data Management System which in turn can be connected to the LIS; alternatively, the BACTEC FX system can be connected directly to LIS.
The easy-to-use workflow comes in a compact, modular design, which can be adapted to multiple space and time-saving configurations for laboratory staff.

All in all the BD BACTEC FX builds on the proven superior fluorescence detection technology, exceptional media performance and instrument reliability of the BD BACTEC FX40 blood culture systems. This is now combined with: the most efficient, INTUITIVE workflow for reduced hands-on time, the most compact, INNOVATIVE system design for maximum ergonomics and laboratory space utilization, INTELLIGENT cutting-edge data management with enhanced blood culture observation in and out of the laboratory for reduced workflow interruptions and optimized communication of preliminary or final results to healthcare providers. The BD BACTEC FX System has a modular design which easily accommodates the changing capacity requirements of laboratories. The most common configuration of the BD BACTEC FX is a two-module system.

The most compact BD BACTEC blood culture system yet is a BD BACTEC FX40 system  with 40 vial capacity in total!

It has the same proven superior fluorescence detection technology, exceptional media performance and instrument reliability of the BD BACTEC blood culture systems. Immediate incubation of blood cultures outside of lab opening hours reduces turnaround times.
The BD BACTEC FX40 is designed to quickly detect bacteria and fungi in clinical specimens. Samples are taken from patients and injected directly into BACTEC culture vials, which are placed in an incubation and testing device. If microorganisms are present in culture bottles, they absorb the nutrients contained in the medium, releasing carbon dioxide into the medium. The dye contained in the detector at the bottom of the vial reacts with CO2. This modulates the amount of light absorbed by the fluorescent material of the detector. A photo detector at each position measures the level of fluorescence, which corresponds to the volume of CO2 emitted by microorganisms. Then the measurement is interpreted by the system in accordance with the pre-programmed parameters of the “positive” result. The testing cycle of all rows is performed every ten minutes. When “positive” cultures are detected, the indicator on the front panel of the device immediately lights up, an audible signal sounds and such cultures are displayed on the tablet. After the detection of “positive” vials, the laboratory technologist extracts them from the device to confirm the results, as well as to isolate and determine the microorganism.

The BD BACTEC FX40 is an automated system designed to detect the presence of microorganisms in clinical specimens. Inoculated vials are placed in the vial position. When the door is closed, the vials are gradually checked for microbial metabolic activity by measuring the levels of fluorescence emitted by a specially designed detector at the bottom of the vial. Vial information can be entered using a barcode reader designed to control with one hand, or manually using the on-screen keyboard. To bind the vials to a specific position, you must place the vial in position immediately after scanning the vial; this leads to the activation of the sensor for the presence of the bottle, which is equipped with the position. LED indicators on the front panel of the device, as well as LEDs located above each position, provide information about the status. After performing any operation within the workflow, the device confirms this in the form of sound and visual alerts.
The BACTEC FX40 blood culture analyzer for detecting microbial growth in blood cultures and other samples is a reliable, time-tested assistant in the diagnosis of bloodstream infections. Its productivity is up to 2900 tests (bottles) per year or up to 10 tests (bottles) per day (one-time capacity - 40 bottles). The BACTEC FX analyzer has a modular design. Their performance can be increased by connecting additional incubation modules to the control module. Up to three additional modules can be connected to the control module.

BACTEC analyzers provide the highest percentage of seeding in the first 24 hours among all blood culture analyzers: BACTEC analyzers have 25% more positive responses issued on the first day, compared to other blood culture analyzers. In the diagnosis of septic conditions, when every hour is important, BACTEC FX is your indispensable assistant.


- The modular design of the device provides installation flexibility in accordance with the requirements of the laboratory - maximum capacity with minimum footprint
- Graphical user interface with color display and touch screen for ease of use 
- Real-time vial presence sensors located in each position immediately respond to vial installation and removal - enhanced visual indicators
- Unique vial activation – the instrument knows from the user’s first action with a vial what the next step should be
- Instant bottle and instrument status recognition
- The possibility of mixing bacterial, fungal and mycobacterial cultures within a module or system is realized through the use of various types of medium
- Can be connected to a compatible laboratory information system (LIS) - LIS connectivity
- Can be connected to the BD EpiCenter data management system - BD EpiCenter connectivity
- Barcode scanner on a unit for improved accessibility/functionality
- Simultaneous multi-user operation and information access at each stack or top unit
- Minimum maintenance and training


- Type of instrument: Tabletop
- Types of test samples: Blood, cerebrospinal fluid, other sterile body fluids
- Bottle loading: Free (free access)
- Average response time: Positive (growth is): 6-20 hours; Negative (no growth): 5 days
- Types of Vials Available: BACTEC Blood Culture Vials
- Each instrument holds 40 vials with annual volume of 2,920 vials
- Input voltage: 100 - 240 VAC ± 10%
- Maximum current: 3 A
- Input line frequency: 50 - 60 Hz
- Power: 250 W
- Terms of Use: Temperature: 18.0 to 30.0 ° C; Humidity: 25% to 80% non-condensing
- Noise at 1 m: =55 dBA when using an ANSI Type 2 sound level meter
- Physical Dimensions (Single Instrument/Separate device) (H x W x D): 39.1 x 67.5 x 58.5 cm
- Clearance (rear, left, right): 0 x 7 x 38 cm
- Clearance (front): 61 cm

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- Becton Dickinson BACTEC FX40 (Module A + B) Blood Culture Bacteriological Analyzer incl. Touch Screen Colour Displaey, Digital Thermometer and Barcode Scanner


The whole system is in excellent cosmetic as well as technical condition. It is fully functional, good working being 100% functional tested. It is ready to be operated - buy with confidence.

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