Bio-Rad MJ Mini 48-Well Portable Gradient Thermal Cycler Thermocycler PTC-1148

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Manufacturer: Bio-Rad

Model: MJ Mini? 48-Well Portable Gradient Thermal Cycler

P/N: PTC-1148

S/N: MM005405


The MJ Mini cycler is a compact 48-well instrument designed to provide exceptional thermal performance. It is is a powerful, small-capacity, high-performance personal thermal cycler offering thermal gradient technology, so you can optimize reactions for maximum efficiency. It demonstrates the same performance as higher-capacity models and arrives at thermal uniformity remarkably fast, producing the precision needed for sensitive assays. For any lab not doing larger sample numbers, the MJ mini would provide all the PCR machine they would ever need and more.
While a program is running, the MJ mini offers several informative screen views:
- Runtime screen which shows the protocol name and the current step
- Temperature Display screen which provides a graphical display of the protocol illustrating the current step along with a counter that marks the amount time that has elapsed on the current step
- Time Remaining screen which provides a countdown timer with the hours, minutes and seconds remaining to the completion of the protocol. This screen is extremely useful in helping plan when samples will need to be pulled, gels poured, and so on.


- A 6 x 8 sample array that accommodates 0.2 ml tubes, tube strips, and 48-well plates, or up to twelve 0.5 ml tubes.
- Equipped with a heated lid to minimize sample loss due to evaporation/condensation.
- The user interface is both alphanumeric and graphic allowing for quick visual appraisal of cycle progression - textual and graphical display options, with graphical editing to rapidly modify programs.
- The gradient feature is an excellent addition to an instrument of this type as in many cases researchers are performing one-off amplifications where no parameters have been established. The thermal gradient technology allows amplification and simultaneous incubation at eight different temperatures ranging over 16°C to optimize reactions in a single run.
- With the addition of Bio-Rad?s Upgradeable system Real Time MiniOpticon 2-Color Real-Time PCR system, this system is capable of performing Real-Time PCR.

- Method of Heating / Cooling Peltier
- Sample Capacity: 48 x 0.2 ml tubes, 6 x 8-tube strips, 48-well PCR plate, or 12 x 0.5 ml tubes
- Ramping Speed: Up to 2.5 / sec
- Temperature Range: 0-99 
- Temperature Accuracy: ± 0.2
- Temperature Uniformity: ± 0.4
- Input Range: 240 VAC, 50-60 Hz, 400 W max.
- Display: 64 x 128 LCD
- Memory: 400 typical programs
- Thermal Gradient Accuracy: ± 0.4
- Thermal Gradient Differential Range: 1-16
- Dimensions (W x D x H): 18 × 32 × 20 cm
- Weight: 4.1 kg

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