Bohle BTS 100 High Speed Turbo Sieve Mill Containment & 2 ASBV Docking Systems

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Manufacturer: Bohle / ANDOCKSYSTEME

Model: BTS 100 Stainless Steel High Speed Turbo Sieve with 2 ASBV Docking Systems (Inlet and Outlet)

BTS 100:

S/N: 0817314001

Drawing No.: 118096

Circuit diagram No.: E-127152

Year of construction: 2008 (Upgraded: 2013)

Last Calibration Date: 27/06/2016
(All information can be found under MITC-Protocoll No.: 16-138a)


The 1st Docking System:
P/N (active valve):
ADS A100 13 1002254 01
P/N (passive valve): ADS P100 13 10022254 01

The 2nd Docking System:
P/N (active valve):
ADS A100 13 1002254 02
P/N (passive valve): ADS P100 13 10022254 02


Bohle BTS 100 High Speed Cone Mill Containment System is a patented unit used for particle sizing of dry and wet products which guarantees finest sieving results. Particle size reduction is commonly required in pharmaceutical manufacturing. Thanks to the fast rotor and patented impeller, the Bohle Turbo Sieve ensures efficient operation. Significant features include vertical arrangement with conical hole or friction sieve, angled drive in the rotor for direct power transmission and high throughputs. Rotor readjustment is not required. The entire height-adjustable sieve head can be sterilized. Mobile unit for optimal positioning. The sieve system can be combined with the Bohle weighing, blending and granulating systems for fill containers with a total height of up to 2,000 mm. Assembly of the BTS in all hazardous areas in accordance with 2014/34 EG (ATEX-guideline) possible.

The ASBV Docking System consists of an active and a passive valve that are supported on two sides by high-grade precision bearings. The passive valve can be mounted on the inlet and/or outlet of a container. The active valve is integrated into the filling or discharging side of the process station. When docking, the GMP designed locking pins center the active and passive valve on to each other. Both split valves open simultaneously after docking. A docking system is only as good as the seals within. It is the sealing material that influence the quality of the containment achieved. The PTFE seal’s thermal properties and elastomer core ensure that the valve is capable of handling the expansion and contraction of the metal parts during thermal sterilization at 121ºC (SIP)  which aseptic processes require and still deliver the required containment. 

Benefits of BTS 100:

- Innovative impeller design
- Particle sizing of dry or wet products
- Mobile, height adjustable, flexible
- Conical perforated screens
- Easy handling
- Flexible integration into the product process

Benefits of ASBV:

- Sophisticated in every detail
- Manual easy-handle operation: Automation is not always needed. Sometimes, less is more. Manual valves are easy to operate and do not need controls.
- Convenient in practice: easy to operate, the positioning of the passive valve on to the active valve is 180° turnable.

Specifications of BTS 100:

- Stainless steel (1.4404 V4A)
- High speed construction: 150 - 1500 rpm
- Production capacities: 2-3 tons/hour
- Power: 230V / 60Hz
- Weight: 130 kg

Specifications of ASBV:

- Stainless steel (1.4404 V4A)
- Multi-use
- PTFE material: Temperature resistant from -250°C to 260°C, FDA compliant, has a very low coefficient of friction and is practically universal chemical resistant

Items delivered:

- Bohle BTS 100 Stainless Steel High Speed Turbo Sieve
- Telemecanique Altivar 31 CD and simplified manual
- Rittal-Key
- Lifting device
- Stirring blade (No.: 118056)
- Clamp ring (No.: 70488)
- 2x Sieves (No.: 81992 / ø 1.0; 9529 / ø 0.5)
and some other accessories (please see pictures)
- 2x ASBV Docking Systems
- Folder with all the necessary documentation, such as: instruction manuals, calibration protocol and cleaning evidence


The unit is in excellent cosmetic condition. The system was cleaned and maintained before shutdown on 26/04/2017. It is 100% functional tested and ready to be used.

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