Branson 2000X aed Ultrasonic Welder Ultraschallschweißsystem 2500 Watt 20kHz 1,5

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Manufacturer: Branson

Model: Ultrasonic Welders 2000X Series - 20 kHz Model

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S/N: XIG11019146A


- Digital Ultrasonic Generator 2000Xdt 2,5 w/ Touch-Screen Interface
- Welding Actuator 2000X aed 1,5" diameter cylinder
- Converter CJ 20
- Booster 20 kHz, Rigid Mount
- Sonotrode 20 kHz (Titan)

Purchase Date: 10/2011


Branson 2000X Series ultrasonic assembly systems offer you a range of system models with varying process control levels and functionalities to match your application needs. Whether you choose our most fully featured 2000X d, the advanced functionality of the 2000X ea, or the basic features of our 2000X t, you are assured of robust reliable performance and precision control. In addition, the 2000X system?s power supply offers multiple weld mode control levels (time, energy, peak power, distance, and ground detect), four output ultrasonic frequencies (20, 30 or 40 kHz), and the flexibility to combine with one of several actuator options to create an ultrasonic assembly system that reflects the precise level of performance, control, and value your application needs. The Branson 2000X Series can be adapted to automation systems or as a stand-alone complete system in an assembly cell.

Features of the 2000Xd Generator:

Digital Power Supply
? Digital Autotune w/Memory
? Total Amplitude Control
? Programmable Starting Ramp
? Energy Braking
? Auto Seek
? Line/Load Regulation
? System Protection Monitor
User Interface & Communications
? Automation Interface
? USB Port
? X-Net
? External VGA Port
? Touch Screen Interface
? Weld Results Display
? Multiple Languages
Welder Process Control
? 20, 30, 40 kHz
? Amplitude Settings 10%-100%
? External Amplitude Profiling
? 16 possible Presets
? Weld by Time
? Weld by Energy & Power
? Weld by Distance (absolute & collapse)
? Weld by Ground Detect
? Distance & Force Readings
? Amplitude Stepping
? Self-diagnostics/Monitoring
? Built-in Cycle Counters
? Selectable Pre-triggering

Specifications 2000X aed Actuator:

Cylinder Size: 1.5"
Max. clamp force at 100psig and 4" stroke*: 130 lbs./578 N
Dynamic triggering range*: 5-159 lbf/22-707N
Dynamic follow-through range*: 5-159 lbf/22-707N
Stroke length: 4"/101.6 mm

*Pneumatic Requirement: Clean (5 micron, filtered), dry, non-lubricated air between 35 and 100 psi (130 ? 690 kPa)

Specifications Power Supply 20:1.2.5:

Output Power: 2500 Watts
Line Voltage: 200-240 V AC, 50/60 Hz 1Ø
Max. Current: 14 amps max.
Receptacle Required: NEMA L6-20R
Frequency: 20 kHz
Max. Cycle Rate: 80 cpm (application dependent)
Ambient Temp. Range: 41-122° F (5-50° C)

The system was under service contract the whole period of usage. Comes with Calibration Certificate.
Very good used condition and 100% functional tested.

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