Brüel&Kjaer 3550 Multichannel Analysis System very complete Software + Manuals

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Multi Channel Analysis System

Manuf.: Brüel & Kjaer , Model: 3550 ( 2035 System with all additional Hardware  and Software ) with following accessories:
S/N: Analyzer 2035 S/N 1633466; MC-Analyzer 3550 S/N 1635757

Software Packages BZ 5011 and BZ 5087 with all special PROGRAMS for extensive  Analysis of Signals and tests and Tutoring for the entire system ( see Photo )
2 Units 25 kHz-Input Module Type 3019
1 Unit Sampling Module Type 3018
IEEE-488 Interface with special Cable
Serial 1 Interface
Serial 2 Interface
RS-232-C Interface
National Instruments IEEE-488 Interface Board for PC ( PCI ) with manuals ( we  offer separately an IEEE-488 PCMIA Card for use with Laptops )
STAR 5.2X Software with manuals for extensive Analysis of vibrations for  Machinery etc.
very complete ORIGINAL Brüel & Kjaer Manuals -- see PHOTO ---

Short Description....... all details can be found on the Brüel & Kjaer website

The 3550 System is probably the most precise and complex MULTI-CHANNEL  Analysing system ever built for SOUND...VIBRATION...ACCELERATION and other physical phenomena.
Though 20 years old, it is still state of the art and a benchmark for presice signal analysis

The system did run until recently in a GERMAN TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY for the  analysis in R&D for Machinery Constructions.
It is in cosmetic very good condition and 100 % functional tested.

We prefer the personal Pick -Up here in our premises; but we are prepared to  ship within Germany and also worldwide .
PLEASE clear your Country Specific Shipping Charges ( will not be cheap ) ...  BEFORE you buy the System

Innerhalb von Deutschland können wir ggfls. eine persönliche Zustellung  kombiniert mit einer Dienstreise möglich machen.....bitte auch dies VORHER per  Email klären

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