Büchi Buchi B-400 Mixer Homogenisator Zerkleinerer Sample Preparation 9000 U/min

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Manufacturer: Büchi

Model: Mixer B-400

P/N (Version with steel cutter 50 Hz): 34220

S/N: 202667034220002


The patented mixing system which represents Buchi Mixer B-400 saves time and cost providing you with optimized sample preparation in the analysis. This well designed and sturdy unit will efficiently and reliably keep up with the daily work load in the laboratory. Easy operation, simple handling and uncompromised safety make this mixer an unparalleled choice. The Buchi Mixer B-400 can be operated simply and safely. Introduce the sample, press the start button, the sample is homogenized. The mixing process is controlled electronically. The speed of the knives is automatically reduced when the sample provides more resistance; then the maximum speed is resumed. Cleaning requires limited handling steps. The Buchi Mixer B-400 has been awarded the official GS mark for ?Tested Safety? ? meeting maximum requirements on safe operation and functionality. A major feature: the knife of the mixer can only rotate when the safety door is closed. If the door is opened while mixing is in progress, the knife stops automatically.
As an universal mixer, the Buchi Mixer B-400 can process the widest variety of sample materials.
For instance,
- samples with a high water content (e.g. vegetables, instant meals)
- samples with a high percentage of fat (e.g. meat, sausages, fish)
- samples with a high content of fibers (e.g. forage, green fodder)


- reduces the number of essential analyses per sample due to the complete homogenity of samples
- minces the samples while mixing them thoroughly
- homogenizes samples weighing up to 150 g
- can be easily cleaned

The Buchi sealing membrane (patent pending) with highspeed knives of steel:

- Sample vessel made of borosilicate glass
- Knife with two blades and centrifugal disk, electronic monitoring of speed and torque
- Sealing membrane
- Elastic holder for sealing membrane for continuous compaction of the sample
- Lift for sample vessel. The vessel is raised automatically to bring the sample up to the knife. The vessel height is electronically adjusted to the sample resistance.


- Speed of rotation of knife: approx. 9000 rpm
- Volt: 240 V
- Frequ.: 50 Hz
- Power: max. 2100 W
- Dimensions (W x H x D): 300 x 510 x 530 mm
- Weight: 26 kg

Items delivered:

- Büchi Mixer B-400
- Büchi Tool for Cutter (P/N: 34225)
- Power Cord
- Instruction Manual


The mixer is in excellent cosmetic as well as operating condition. It is 100% functional tested and ready to be used.

Hersteller: Büchi
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