COPLEY scientific Critical Flow Controller Model TPK 2000

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Manufacturer: COPLEY scientific

Model: Critical Flow Controller Model TPK 2000

Cat.No.: 8760

S/N: 31303


Copley Scientific is recognised as the world?s leading manufacturer of inhaler test equipment and is a major supplier of test equipment for pharmaceutical solid dosage forms, including tablet dissolution, disintegration, friability, hardness and powder testers.
The Critical Flow Controller is designed to generate a standardised square-wave breath profile suitable for the routine testing of ?passive? breath activated devices such as Dry Powder Inhalers, where the delivered and fine particle dose of the device is dependent on the strength and duration of the patient?s inspiration.
It controls and documents all the critical parameters associated with the delivered dose testing and aerodynamic particle size distribution measurement of Dry Powder Inhalers (DPIs).
Its predecessor, the Critical Flow Controller Model TPK has already become an international standard in the field of DPI testing.


The TPK 2000 menu system automatically guides the user through the correct test set-up procedure.
A series of menus guide the user through the operation of the instrument.
Interaction with the unit is via a touch sensitive membrane keypad.
It is fitted with two external pressure ports.
These can be used singularly or together to perform a variety of functions.
The first port can be connected to the Dose Unit Sampling Apparatus (DUSA) for DPIs or to the Induction Port P1 Measurement Adapter and is used to determine device resistance by measuring the pressure drop over the inhaler (P1).
The second of the two ports is used for the measurement of atmospheric pressure during the test set-up process.
In combination, the two pressure ports can also be used for determining impactor leak rates and for ACI and NGI Delta-P measurements.
Delta-P measurements can be extremely useful in monitoring day-to-day performance of the impactor nozzles and can be used as an ?early warning? of any critical nozzle wear or occlusion.


- Flow control valve for flow rate control
- P3 measurement (electronic control)
- P2 measurement (electronic control)
- P1 measurement (electronic control)
- Electronic timer for control of solenoid valve
- 2-way/2-port solenoid valve
- 4-line LCD display of all parameters
- Illuminated mechanical start button and keypad
- P1 range 0-15 kPa, resolution 0.01 kPa
- P2 & P3 range 0-120 kPa, resolution 0.1 kPa
- Timer range 0-999.9s, resolution 0.1s
- Solenoid valve opening/closing time 25/25 ms
- Automatic test set-up function
- Automatic calculation of P3/P2 ratio
- Actuation setting/counting function
- External temperature/humidity sensor module
- Flow meter DFM 2000/DFM 3 interface
- USB printer port interface for data output
- Foot switch (or TTL input) interface for remote actuation
- RS232 (serial) interface for data output and remote actuation
- Impactor leak test function
- User calibration function
- Storage of calibration time/date
- Total impactor Delta-P function
- Spacer/VHC testing delay function
- Software V4.04

Items delivered:

- COPLEY scientific Critical Flow Controller Model TPK 2000
- Power Supply
- Instruction Manual as PDF via E-Mail


The controller is in very good cosmetic condition and 100% functional tested.

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