Datron Messtechnik Correvit Speed Path Measuring System EEP2 RS232 IEC IEEE

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Datron Messtechnik Correvit Mess- und Auswertesystem  II / Datron Messtechnik Correvit Measuring & Evaluation System II

Manufacturer: Datron Messtechnik / Germany

Model: Corrsys Correvit EEP-2

S/N: 1030


The Correvit EEP-2 is a measurement & evaluation system for the calculation and  the expression of time, distance, speed, acceleration and fuel economy.

The optoelectronic sensor Correvit-L measures contactfree modem speed and the  path of land vehicles of any kind slip-free, precise and wear-free in all types  of terrain.


- Driving performance measurement (including ABS and ASR)
- 0,2....400 km/h
- Fuel Consumption Measurement
- Slip measurement
- flotation measurement (eg in connection with spoilers)

free programmable computer interfaces for connecting external printers, plotters,  and to transfer data to other computers:

- RS 232 (V24)
- Centronics

Items delivered:

- Correvit EEP-2 Analysis device
- Correvit-L Sensor
- Correvit BUA Control- & Displaypanel
- Connection Cables
- Power Cord
- extensive Manual (German)

The whole system is in a good cosmetic condition and is 100% functional  tested.

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