Dionex Summit HPLC System SOR ASI UCI 100 P680 ISO Pump Degasser Autosampler

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Manufacturer: Dionex

Model: Summit HPLC System w/o Detector


Solvent Rack SOR-100A-2
P/N: 5030.9210

P/N: 5030.0010

ASI-100 Automated Sample Injector
P/N: 5810.0010

Thermostatted Column Compartment TCC-100
P/N: 5710.0000

UCI-100 Universal Chromatography Interface
P/N: 5911.0010

Each module is also listed separately in our webshop/ebay shop - just have a look for more detailed description or separate purchae.

The system is in very good technically as well as cosmetically condition. Stayed under service contract for the whole period of usage.

If you have any question regarding shipping or transport please get in contact with us.

Hersteller: Dionex

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