Dionex Thermostatted Column Compartment TCC-100 P/N: 5710.0000 HPLC

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Manufacturer: Dionex

Model: Thermostatted Column Compartment TCC-100

P/N: 5710.0000

S/N: 3880413


The column compartment is designed to perform equally well as a dependable system for routine analyses or as a sophisticated research instrument, especially for HPLC (high performance liquid chromatography) applications. Thermoelectric (Peltier) elements heat or actively cool the column chamber and all internal components to the desired temperature. Using a heat exchanger, they allow fast temperature changes and ensure independence from the ambient temperature, even if the temperature set point is below the ambient temperature.

!!! Please note that Dionex ASI-100 Automated Sample Injector (please see therefore pictures) is not comprised in this offer and is sold separately !!!


- The thermo-optimized design reduces the time required to equilibrate the temperature between the column and the solvent. The Peltier elements heat up and cool down the columns. The heat exchanger inside the column chamber also helps to bring the air and all components in the chamber to the desired temperature.
- The design has been optimized for minimum dead volume and maximum efficiency.
- The fundamental requirement for a column compartment for liquid chromatography is the ability to maintain the preset temperature as precisely as possible. However, temperature stability is more important than the absolute precision of the setting. The thermostatted column compartment contains advanced electronic circuits that can maintain the selected temperature with a precision of 0.1°C.
- The column compartment allows compartment cooling by max. 15°C from the ambient temperature. The lower temperature limit is +5°C. Cooling is often used to keep the column temperature constant. If the ambient temperature increases during the analysis, cooling ensures that the column temperature nevertheless remains constant.
- The column can be warmed up to max. +85°C. An increase in temperature from 20°C to 50°C is realized in less than 20 minutes. This corresponds to an average performance of 2-4°K per minute.
- All surfaces of the column compartment are made of plastic to provide maximum resistance to the most commonly used HPLC solvents.


Temperature Setting: In 0.1°C increments
Temperature Accuracy: ± 0.5°C
Temperature Stability: ± 0.1°C
Temperature Precision: ± 0.1°C
Heat-up/Cool-down Time:
- Less than 20 minutes from 20°C to 50°C
- Less than 20 minutes from 50°C to 20°C
- average change per minute: 2-4°K
Column Capacity: 3 columns (maximum length: 30 cm)
- All functions controllable via LAN or USB
- Permanent status transfer
I/O Interfaces: Digital I/O: 2 inputs, 2 relay outputs
Safety Features: Leak sensor (humidity/gas sensor)
Instrument Panel:
- 3-digit LED for current and set temperature output
- 2 temperature set button ('Plus' and 'Minus')
- 3 LEDs indicating the instrument status (Heating/Cooling/Remote)
Dimensions (h x w x d): 18 x 39 x 48 cm
Weight: TCC-100 standard configuration: 15.1 kg

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- Dionex Thermostatted Column Compartment TCC-100


This unit is in excellent cosmetic condition. It is 100% functional tested and ready to be applied.

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