Dionex UCI-100 Universal Chromatography Interface 8 Ch. 5911.0010 HPLC Summit

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Manufacturer: Dionex

Model: UCI-100 Universal Chromatography Interface 8 Channels

P/N: 5911.0010

S/N: 2020213


In chromatographic systems, the most different interface types are required for data acquisition and device control. The UCI Universal Chromatography Interface provides these different interfaces and makes them available to the chromatography server. In this way, virtually any chromatography device can be used with Chromeleon.


- Chromatographic detectors convert signals, for example, absorption or conductivity, into electric voltage. However, as a computer can process only digital information, electric voltage must be converted into digital data. If the detector itself is not capable of performing this conversion, an analog/digital converter is required. The autoranging A/D with 25-bit dynamic resolution of the UCI provides accurate, reliable measurement of large and small peaks in the same chromatographic run.• The fast data collection rate (100 Hz) and high channel stability ensure faithful representation of narrow peaks, such as those typical with gas chromatography (GC) and capillary electrophoresis.
- The front panel LEDs visualize the detector signal levels that are currently applied to the analog inputs (voltage levels), the TTL and relay states, and the activity of the computer communication ports.
- Four independent RS-232 interfaces allow simultaneous control of up to four chromatography modules.
- The (16-bit) BCD inputs of the UCI allow BCD-enabled autosamplers to communicate to Chromeleon the position of the vial from which the injection was performed.
- Eight potential-free relay outputs and eight TTL inputs support communication with all kinds of chromatography devices.
- Data transmission between the UCI and Chromeleon is by using either the integrated USB (Universal Serial Bus) interface or the LAN interface (Ethernet).
- Self-test and automatic online calibration make adjustments and maintenance unnecessary.


- Analog inputs:
Number UCI-100: 8 (independent)
Max. input voltage: ± 0 Volt (bipolar)
Input impedance (analog): > 107 (static)
Dynamic resolution: 25 bit
Number of input ranges: 8 (with autoranging)
Resolution: < ± 1 µV
Voltage noise: < 2 µV, peak to peak
Offset (absolute): < ± 10 µV
Voltage drift: = 20 ppm/°C (on each range)
Sampling rate: 100 Hz per channel
Linearity (0-5000 mV): Correlation coefficient > 99.9999%, RSD < 0.15%
- Digital Inputs:
Number: 8 (TTL compatible)
Input voltage (digital): 0–5 Volts
- Relay outputs:
Number: 8
Functionality: Default open
- Dimensions (H x W x D): 71 x 285 x 220 mm

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- Dionex UCI-100 Universal Chromatography Interface 8 Channels
- Power Cord


The UCI-100 Universal Chromatography Interface is in perfect cosmetic as well as technical and operating condition. It is 100% functional tested, functions as intended and ready to be used.

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