Dionex UltiMate 3000 RS VWD-3400RS Rapid Separation Variable Wavelength Detector

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Manufacturer: Dionex

Model: UltiMate 3000 RS VWD-3400RS Rapid Separation Variable Wavelength Detector & Analytical Flow Cell (SST)

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YoM: 09/07/06

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The VWD-3000 is a variable wavelength detector (VWD) series for industry leading UV-vis detection. The forward optics design and wide range of available flow cells ensure optimal performance over a flow rate range of five orders of magnitude. Automated qualification, performance optimization, and instrument wellness monitoring deliver maximum uptime, simplify workflow, and give you full confidence in your analytical results. Its 200 Hz single wavelength rapid separation version VWD-3400RS is for the most challenging UHPLC applications.
For short term use, the VWD-3400RS can also operate in a multiple wavelength mode. For any data point, the monochromator quickly changes between up to four wavelength channels. Even the simultaneous operation in the UV and vis range is possible at highest quality standards with the two fast switching second order filters for improved signal to noise.


• Outstanding linear calibration curves (correlation coefficient higher than 99.97%) over a wide absorbance range (up to 2.5 AU in the UV range):
- High quantification accuracy over a wide concentration range enables the accurate detection and integration of very small peaks in the presence of very big peaks.
• Typical baseline noise of less than < ±2.5 µAU (254 nm, time constant 1 s, dry analytical flow cell):
- Low limits of detection/quantification for superior accuracy in trace level analysis. Saves effort for sample enrichment and broadens applicability, e.g., in environmental analysis.
• Data collection rates of up to 200 Hz:
- Superior time-resolution for accurate integration—ready for today's and tomorrow's UHPLC detection challenges.
• Dedicated reference wavelength photodiode and active lamp house temperature control minimize baseline drift to below 100 µAU/h:
- Accurate peak integration for methods with long run times and substances eluting over a wide time range. High quantitation accuracy even in laboratory environments without temperature control.
• Wavelength range of 190–900 nm with combined use of deuterium and tungsten lamp on one optical axis:
- Sensitive detection in the UV, visible, and near-infrared range.
• Up to four absorption channels and scans across the entire wavelength range:
- Easy identification of optimum absorbance wavelength without diode array technology
• Fast switching second-order filter for multiwavelength operation in UV and visible range in the same chromatographic run:
- Unlimited multiwavelength detection over the complete spectral range for superior detection selectivity and sensitivity on all peaks in your chromatogram.
• Tool-free front panel access to flow cell and lamps:
- Easy access to detector fluidics and to wear parts.
• Automated wavelength verification with internal holmium filter:
- The detector ensures high wavelength accuracy and precision, as well as minimal manual effort for system qualification.
• Operate with confidence in any environment with active temperature control for optics and electronics.
• Change lamps and flow cells quickly and easily using ergonomic front panel access.
• Achieve full regulatory compliance with automated qualification period monitoring.
• Large front panel display for monitoring the detector status even from a distance.
• Maximize uptime using predictive performance–based on monitoring the life cycle of detector lamps.


- Data collection rate: Single wavelength up to 200 Hz; Multiple wavelength up to 5 Hz
- Noise, single wavelength: < ±3.5 µAU (typical < ±2.5 µAU) at 254 nm, time constant 1 s, dry analytical flow cell
- Noise, multiple wavelength: < ±10 µAU (typical < ±7 µAU) at 254 nm and 280 nm, 2 s time constant, dry analytical flow cell
- Drift: < 1 × 10-4 AU/h at 254 nm and dry analytical flow cell
- Analytical flow cell Standard (SST): Cell Volume: 11 µL; Light Path Length: 10 mm; Maximum Pressure: 12 MPa
- Linearity: < 5% RSD (typical < 3% RSD) at 2.5 AU caffeine, wavelength: 272 nm based on ASTM
- Light source: Deuterium lamp, tungsten lamp Temperature control for both lamps
- Wavelength range: 190–900 nm. The tungsten lamp is recommended for wavelengths > 600 nm
- Wavelength accuracy:  ±1 nm (over detector lifetime)
- Wavelength repeatability: ±0.1 nm
- Optical bandwidth: 6 nm at 254 nm
- I/O interfaces: Four digital inputs, four digital outputs
- Analog output: Two analog outputs available as an option via DAC plug-in module
- Firmware: 3.50
- Bootloader: 1.01
- Safety feature: Power-up diagnostics of optics, cooling fans, motors, and electronics leak sensor
- Dimensions (h × w × d): 16 × 42 × 51 cm

Items delivered:

- Dionex UltiMate 3000 RS VWD-3400RS Rapid Separation Variable Wavelength Detector
- Dionex Analytical Flow Cell (SST)


The unit is in excellent cosmetic condition, 100% functionally tested and ready for your applications.

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