Eppendorf Multipette Stream 1µL to 50mL 44986 000.017

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Manufacturer: Eppendorf

Model: Eppendorf Multipette stream

P/N: 44986 000.017


Repeater stream is suitable for all standard pipetting and dispensing applications.
For added versatility, the Repeater Xstream can also perform titrations, sequential dispensing and aspiration of supernatants.
When used with Combitips? Plus tips, both systems form an unbeatable and essential lab tool for all applications.


? Electronic dispensing with programmable memory functions
? Contamination-free dispensing using the positive displacement principle
? Ideal for viscous solutions (e.g., glycerol, oil) or liquids with high vapor pressure (e.g., acetone, ethanol)
? Dispensing in a long series
? Features, Repeater Stream and Xstream
? Positive displacement dispensing and pipetting
? Automatic dispensing
? Rapid and ergonomic dispensing with motorized piston
? Single-button tip ejector
? Li-ion battery
? Function selecton wheel
? Automatic Combitips Plus tip recognition
? IvD conformity
? Charging possible during operation

Additional Features of the Repeater Xstream

? Aspirating of supernatants
? Titration
? Sequential dispensing


Battery Type: Lithium-ion
Volume (Metric): 1µL to 50mL
Includes: Battery
Volume (Metric) Range: 1µL to 50mL
Finger Style: Ergonomic
Number of Channels: 1

Items delivered:

- Eppendorf Multipette Stream
- installed battery
- battery charger
- instruction manual

The multipette is in very good cosmetic as well as technical condition - 100% functional tested.

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