Fritsch Mortar Grinder Pulverisette 2 Mörsermühle Zirkonoxid max 150ml 10..20 µm

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Manufacturer: Fritsch

Model: Laboratory Mortar Grinder Pulverisette 2

P/N: 02.102.00

S/N: 02.102/5044

YoM: 1995


The Pulverisette 2 is an automatic mortar grinder for the universal dry- or wet grinding down to analytical size. When preparing samples for the synthesis, the Laboratory Mortar Grinder is used for mixing or homogenising dry samples, emulsions or pastes. The initial feed size should not exceed 3 mm and the quantity of a charge should not be more than 150 ml. (Larger pieces shall be reduced to small pieces before charging into the grinder.) The final fineness will depend upon the grinding time - 1 µm as a mean particle size can be reached.
The size reduction from dried foods with hand mortar and pestle is the oldest known grinding procedure. Similar to hand mortar and pestle by using the Laboratory Mortar Grinder the comminution takes place by pressure and friction between the mortar bowl and the free rotating pestle. But opposite to the hand mortar the automatic mortar is rotating and the axis of the pestle is in a stationary position. A relatively large grinding surface ensures quick and uniform process and simple pestle adjustment. Sticky materials could be ground after adding some liquid into the bowl. The sample is moved by the motor-driven mortar bowl and taken off from the wall and the bottom of the mortar bowl by the Vulcollan scraper. The sample is turned around by the scraper working like a plough bringing it back in front of the pestle. Compared to the usually more plain hand mortars the grinding bowl of the Laboratory Mortar Grinder is closed. A lip seal between grinding bowl and lid guarantees for lossfree comminution - even if suspension is to be ground. Reproducible results are obtained by the built-in timer and the easy positioning of the load of the pestle. A large acrylic safety cover permits observation of the grinding process which can be controlled by adjustment of scraper and pestle. The extremely robust construction of the driving unit, the guidance of the pestle and all the other movable parts guarantees for a long lasting lifetime of the unit and prepared it in everydays readiness.
The motor (single-phase brushless A.C. motor with PE conductor, 50/60Hz) can be started by turning the timer. In the case of overload - f.e. after blockage of the mortar - the drive motor is protected by an overload switch on the front panel. To continue the grinding process - after release of the blockage - press the button in the middle of the switch.

The Laboratory Mortar Grinder grinds inorganic as well as organic samples for the analysis, quality control and material testing as for example:

- plants
- leafs
- coniferous needles
- spice
- nuts
- almonds
- food
- gelatine
- sugar
- grain
- pellets
- feed
- drugs
- dragèes
- tablets
- soil
- coal
- ashes
- chemicals
- fertilisers
- chalk
- clay
- porcelain
- gypsum
- lime
- clinker
- cement
- silicate
- cinder


- Noise level: 70 dB
- Mains: 240 V; 1,45 0,6 A; 50/60 Hz; 145 W
- Dimensions (H x W x D): 450 x 250 x 450 mm
- Weight: 30 kg

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- Fritsch Laboratory Mortar Grinder Pulverisette 2
- Instruction Manual as PDF via E-Mail request


The item is in very good cosmetic as well as working condition. It is 100% functional tested and ready to be applied.

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