GE Amersham Biosciences Hoefer Processor Plus Western Blot Staining System +Tray

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Manufacturer: GE Amersham Biosciences

Model: Hoefer Processor Plus

P/N: 80-6444-04

S/N: 01125069


Hoefer Amersham Pharmacia Biotech, Processor Plus. Gel Stainer, Blotter  Electrophoresis Unit. One system for gel staining and blot processing.
Automated staining of Coomassie? Blue- or silver-stain gels for proteins and  nucleic acid analysis. Prepares blots for high-sensitivity ECL?
and chromogenic detection. Programmable control of protocol, solution, volume,  and processing time.

The Unit comes with a Tray for Blot processing and Staining Trays as it's to  see on the photos.


? Trays for four mini- or two standard-sized blots at one time
? Five preprogrammed and five user-defined blot protocols for flexibility
? Tray and lid design separate fluid delivery and removal to avoid  cross-contamination
? Automatic delivery of antibodies down to 10 ml; pause for manual addition and  recovery of expensive antibodies

Items delivered:

- GE Amersham Biosciences Hoefer Processor Plus
- Blot Processing Tray
- Staining Trays
- Power Cord
- Manual as PDF via E-Mail

The Hoefer Processor Plus was extensively checked and is in in very good  condition - 100% functional.
Ready for your blot processing.

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