GFL THERMOLAB® Shaking Water Bath 1070 with 4 separate basins Schüttelwasserbad

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Manufacturer: GFL

Model: THERMOLAB® Shaking Water Bath 1070 with 4 separate basins Thermolab Schüttelwasserbad

S/N: 10022513


THERMOLAB® is universally applicable in standard, research and specialised laboratories; for example for all temperature-dependent reactions, for incubations of reagents and solutions, Enzyme-Immuno-Essays, Western-Blots, Reverse Dot Blots, for hybridisations at 4 different temperatures, for stringent washing processes with variable temperatures, Restriction Enzyme Digestions, Proteinase-K Digestions, DNA Elution, T 7 Sequenase Sequencing, for thawing processes and incubations of cultures or for polymerase chain reactions (PCR).
It disposes of four separate basins in which different sample vessels can be heated independently of each other, or which four different users can use at the same time.
Height-adjustable sample holder in each of the 4 basins.
Double-walled lid with inner camber have insulating capacity and prevent dripping back of condensate into the vessels.
Microprocessor-controlled temperature regulation ensures fast heating up to the individually set temperature and an excellent temperature constancy: ± 0.1 °C temporal.
Electronic monitoring of the temperature controller.
In case of a fault, the cause is displayed on the LED.
Bath interior and shaking rack are made of st. steel.
Maintenance-free and durable shaking device, electronically controlled and continuously settable shaking motion, gentle start-up.
With the use of optional racks or directly on the sample holders, all kinds of vessels from µl to ml used in laboratories, microtiter plates, cycler tubes, Western Blot vessels, centrifuge tubes, ampoules and bottles can be fixed.


Inside dimensions (B x T x H) per basin: 175 x 175 x 100 mm
- Working height: 80 mm
- Exterior dimensions (W x D x H): 625 x 556 x 270 mm
- Sampler holders dimensions : 128 / 128 mm
- Temperature range: approx. 5 °C above ambient to + 99.9 °C
- Temperature setting and display: digital, LED
- Temperature constancy: ± 0.1 °C
- Over-temperature cut-out: electronical, 4 °C above the set temperature and electromechanic, > 130 °C
- Shaking motion (reciprocating): 2 to 50 min-1
- Shaking frequency setting: continuous
- Shaking amplitude: 22 mm
- Mains supply: 230 V, 50 to 60 Hz / 1.3 kW
- Weight: 28 kg

Items delivered:

- GFL THERMOLAB® Shaking Water Bath 1070
- Power cord
- Instruction Manual as PDF via E-Mail request


The water bath is in like new cosmetic condition and 100% functional tested.

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