Genevac Rocket Synergy Centrifugal Evaporator Concentrator FL601 Chiller System 6x450ml

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Manufacturer: Genevac

Model: Rocket Synergy Evaporator with Vacuum Pump and Julabo FL601 Chiller

P/N: RKTS-23050-SNN

S/N: RK0488

MfG: November 2015


The Rocket Evaporator is designed to dry or concentrate up to six 450ml flasks, or 18 ASE® tubes. The user is able to focus on other tasks, confident that the Rocket will achieve perfect, reproducible results every time.

The Rocket Evaporator is equipped with the advanced performance features that Genevac users expect, such as effective bumping and cross contamination protection, precise temperature regulation and very easy to use controls. A two stage cold trap is built into the Rocket Evaporator, providing very high levels of solvent recovery, even with volatile organic solvents. The cold trap auto-drains under the control of the evaporator to ensure that optimal solvent recovery is maintained, no matter what mix of solvents is being used.

The Rocket Evaporator can be used either to dry samples completely, or to concentrate them to a small volume. To help achieve the best results in the desired sample format, there are several options:

1) Evaporation Flasks: These are for drying or concentrating samples – if dried, samples require re-dissolving and then removing via pipette. 450ml volume.

2) SampleGenie™ Flasks: For a wide range of vials, from 12mm to 28mm diameter and up to 70mm tall. The SampleGenie system allows drying of the sample directly into the storage vial. 250ml (plus vial) volume.

3) SampleGenie™ for GC Vials: Specifically for concentrating into GC autosampler vials, this special version of SampleGenie insulates the vial so that only the solvent in the flask evaporates, leaving a small volume in the vial.

4) Puck for ASE® Tubes: The Puck insert replaces the flasks and allows up to 18 ASE® tubes to be evaporated at one time.

5) Flip-Flop system: Samples are collected directly from the extraction system in the special double-ended tube. A SampleGenie adaptor with GC vial is then fitted. The tube is flipped over and placed into the Puck in the Rocket Evaporator and the cap removed. The samples are then concentrated directly into the GC vial.


Mechanical data
Maximum speed: 1800rpm
Maximum G-force: 700g
Drive system: Direct drive
Maximum Sample load: 6 x 450ml
Maximum imbalance: 50g

Vacuum system
Pressure display: 0-1200mbar
Pressure control: Automatic, 3mbar to atmosphere
System ultimate vacuum: 3mbar
Bumping protection: Dri-Pure®

Temperature and control
Control range: Ambient +5°C to 60°C
Control accuracy: ±1°C
Temperature sensing: via thermistor
Display range: 0°C to 60°C
End of method: Time or automatic
Visualisation: Via built in strobe (optional)

Solvent compatibility
Boiling point range: 40°C to 160°C at ambient
Includes: Alcohols, DCM/methylene chloride, DMF, ethyl acetate, water, TFA
HCl: Not compatible
Di-ethyl ether: Only with Inert Gas Purge option

Width x Depth x Height: 720 x 640 x 530mm
Headspace required: 755mm (lid open)
Weight: 75kg
Mains: 230V (±10%), 50Hz, 13A

Specifications Julabo FL601 Chiller/Cold Trap:
Width x Depth x Height : 320 x 500 x 600mm
Weight: 48kg
Cooling Power: 500W at 10°C

Items delivered:

- Genevac Rocket Evaporator
- Julabo FL601 Chiller / Cold Trap
- (1) Rocket Evaporator
- 6x Flask Plugs
- Condenser Drain Tubing
- Waste Jug
- Connection Cable RS232
- 6x Glass Flasks w/ Collar & Pad
- 1x Balance Nest
- Flask Rack
- Instruction Manual as PDF via E-Mail

The Genevac Rocket Evaporator is in excellent cosmetic as well as technical condition - 100% functional tested.

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