Grant GD120 R1 Refrigerated Thermostatic Bath Umwälzthermostat -20..100°C 5L

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Manufacturer: Grant Instruments Ltd

Model: GD120 - R1 Refrigerated Thermostatic Circulator Bath -20...100°C

S/N (GD120): GM0806010

S/N (R1): R10808003


The Grant Optima? GD120 R series of refrigerated baths and re-circulators with  digital control provides excellent value for money for more demanding applications requiring accurate heating and cooling in the range of -20 to  100°C.

Grant GD120 series refrigerated systems includes both PID temperature control  and a powerful integral pump, making GD120 series refrigerated systems suitable both for immersing samples and circulating temperature  controlled fluid to external devices. It includes a convenient timer function for reaction timing and a variable high temperature alarm setting. The  temperature range and heater power are automatically limited according to the liquid type selected.

Key Facts:

? GD120-R1 5 litre bath
? Simple-to-use rotor plus two keys provide access to the interactive interface  for fast, accurate set-up
? Clear digital display for instant reassurance - easy to read from a distance
? Visual and audible alarm - alert you when your attention is required
? Operating setpoint plus 3 adjustable preset temperatures for convenience
? User calibration facility for optimum accuracy at the required operating  temperature
? Powerful integral pump - maximum flow rate 17L/min
? Cooling/heating range: -20 to 100°C
? Stability ± 0.1°C
? 5 litre tank
? cooling power 140W @ 0°C

Specifications GD120 Thermostat:

Stability (DIN 58966) water @ 10°C: ± 0.1 °C
50% water, 50% glycol @ 10°C: ± 0.1 °C
Uniformity (DIN 58966) water @ 10°C: ± 0.1 °C
50% water, 50% glycol @ 10°C: ± 0.1 °C
Setting resolution: 0.1 °C
Display: 4 digit 13 mm LED
Display resolution: 0.1 °C
Timer function: 1 to 9999 mins
No. stored temperature values: 4
Two point re-calibration: yes
Safety overtemperature: adjustable cut-out
fluid level ? float switch: yes
Alarms: high
Heater power @ 220-240V: 1.4 kW
Heater power @ 115V: 1.3 kW
Electrical power @ 220-240V: 1.5 kW (50-60 Hz)
Electrical power @ 110-120 V: 1.4 kW (50-60 Hz)
Height above tank rim: 180 mm
Depth below tank rim: 135 mm

Specifications R1 - 5L Chiller:

Capacity: 5L
Outer tank dimensions (HxDxW): 410 x 410 x 230 mm
Weight: 19.2 kg
Relay control (refrigeration on/off): yes
Refrigerant: R134a
Overtemperature cut-out 100°C limit: yes
Water freezing protection thermostat: yes
Cooling power, ambient 20°C @ 20°C: 250 W
Cooling power, ambient 20°C @ 0°C: 140 W
Cooling power, ambient 20°C @ - 10°C: 100 W
Cooling power, ambient 20°C @ - 20°C: 35 W
Electrical power (maximum) @ 220-240 V: 334 W (50 Hz)
Electrical power (maximum) @ 110-120 V: 328 W (50-60 Hz
EMC emissions: Class B

Items delivered:

- Grant GD120 Thermostat Circulator
- Grant R1 Refrigerated Thermostatic Bath
- Power Cord
- Instruction Manual as PDF via E-Mail

The Thermostatic Bath / Circulator is in very good cosmetic condition and  100% functional tested.
Ready for your use!

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