Grant GR150 R1 Refrigerated Circulator Umwälzthermostat -20..150°C Extern. Probe

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Manufacturer: Grant Instruments Ltd

Model: GR150 - R1 Refrigerated Thermostatic Circulator Bath -20...150°C
comes with a external temperature probe (LL17 stainless steel probe, 2 m cable  125 mm x Ø 5 mm)

S/N (GR150): GP0541004

S/N (R1): R10541001


The Grant Optima? GR150 series of digitally controlled stirred water baths  and circulators provides outstanding performance for routine and  sophisticated applications requiring accurate temperature control up to a maximum of 150ºC.

The Grant GR150 immersion thermostat incorporates Intelligent Control  Optimisation? (ICO) for adaptive intelligent PID temperature control and  includes a powerful integral pump, making GR150 systems suitable both for immersing samples and circulating  temperature controlled fluid to external devices. The temperature range and  heater power are automatically limited according to the liquid type selected.

The GR150 control unit has a host of powerful and convenient programming  features for optimum application flexibility. These include a convenient  heater timer for early starts/late shutdowns, a programmable relay for switching external devices on/off, option for remote  temperature monitoring, RS232 interface for PC communication and data collection,  and memory capacity for one program of up to 30 segments.

Key Facts:

Dual display: bright LED for temperature display plus 2-line 16 character LCD  for easy programming
Twin heaters, 2kW heater power for fast heat up
Pt1000 external probe socketfor remote monitoring
Powerful integral pump, maximum flow 17L/min
Variable high and low temperature alarmsettings - configurable to switch a relay
Choice of 5 operator languages
Optional Labwise? PC software for program set-up, data logging and real-time  graphing
Maximum cooling/heating range (dependent on tank size): ambient +5 to 99ºC with  plastic (P) tank, or -15* to 150ºC with stainless steel (S) tank
Stability ± 0.005ºC

Specifications GR150 Thermostat:

Stability (DIN 58966) @ 37°C: ± 0.005 °C
Uniformity (DIN 58966) @ 10°C: ± 0.02 °C
Setting resolution: 0.1 °C (0.01 with Labwise Software)
Display: 4 digit 13 mm LED - 2 line 16 character LCD
Display resolution: 0.01 °C (LCD)
Timer function: 1 min to 99 hrs 59 min
No. stored temperature values: 4
Two point re-calibration: yes
Offset adjustment: yes
Socket for external Probe: yes
RS232 interface: yes
Programmable: yes
No. stored programs: 4
Relays: 1
Safety overtemperature: adjustable cut-out
fluid level ? float switch: yes
Alarms: high
Heater power @ 220-240V: 2 kW
Heater power @ 115V: 1.3 kW
Electrical power @ 220-240V: 2.2 kW (50-60 Hz)
Electrical power @ 110-120 V: 1.4 kW (50-60 Hz)
Height above tank rim: 180 mm
Depth below tank rim: 135 mm

Specifications R1 - 5L Chiller:

Capacity: 5L
Outer tank dimensions (HxDxW): 410 x 410 x 230 mm
Weight: 19.2 kg
Relay control (refrigeration on/off): yes
Refrigerant: R134a
Overtemperature cut-out 100°C limit: yes
Water freezing protection thermostat: yes
Cooling power, ambient 20°C @ 20°C: 250 W
Cooling power, ambient 20°C @ 0°C: 140 W
Cooling power, ambient 20°C @ - 10°C: 100 W
Cooling power, ambient 20°C @ - 20°C: 35 W
Electrical power (maximum) @ 220-240 V: 334 W (50 Hz)
Electrical power (maximum) @ 110-120 V: 328 W (50-60 Hz
EMC emissions: Class B

Items delivered:

- Grant GR150 Thermostat Circulator
- Grant R1 Refrigerated Thermostatic Bath
- external temperature probe
- Power Cord
- Instruction Manual as PDF via E-Mail

The Thermostatic Bath / Circulator is in good cosmetic condition and 100%  functional tested.
Ready for your use!

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