H+P Varioklav 400E Steam Sterilizer Autoclave Autoklav Zyklondampf Generator WRP

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Manufacturer: H+P

Model: Varioklav 400E + Steam Generator + Water Ring Pump WRP 05991

S/N: 41300697


The H+P autoclave Varioklav 400E is a steam sterilizer for the sterilization of instruments. It offers state-of-the-art technology with a massive central 1-door (central lock) closure, functional product details and easy-to-use touch-screen control. Its sterilizing chamber is a single wall in round form, constructed according to the pressurized devices guidelines of a laboratory device standard in compliance with DIN EN 285 and DIN 58 950 class according to the equipment. The H+P Steam Generator (S/N: DR0300797) is connected to the Varioklav 400E, has an operating overpressure of 3 bar and oparating temperature of 143 °C. The H+P Water Ring Pump WRP 05991 (P/N: 16211) is a part of the whole system and has an admission pressure of water is of 0,5-6 bar.


- A long service life through low-wear fittings
- A large usable volume on a small footprint and a suitable overall height for operations
- Problem-free easy handling and operation


- Effective volume: 60 l
- Total volume: 80 l
- Max. operating pressure: +2,5 bar
- Operating temperature: +138 °C
- Max. allowed operating temperature: 140 °C
- Removal temperature (Thermal barrier): 40-95 °C
- Removal pressure: 105-120 kPa
- Safety equipment: Separate pressure switch for extraction pressure and maximum working pressure, safety temperature monitor for heating and dry running.
- Power consumption: 0,8 KW
- Mains connection: 230V/ 50 Hz
- Socket / fuse: Schuko/16 AT
- Chamber: (Ø) x (B): 40 x 64 cm
- Dimensions (B) x (T) x (H): 60 x 60 x 103 cm

Items delivered:

- H+P Varioklav 400E
- H+P Steam Generator
- H+P Water Ring Pump WRP 05991


The whole item is in very good cosmetic as well as technical condition being fully functional and good working. It is 100% functional tested and ready for you to use.

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