Haake K Refrigerated Bath F3 Recirculated Thermostat Umwälzthermostat 12L -40°C

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Model: Haake K 12L Refrigerated Bath with F3 Recirculated Thermostat -40..150 °C


Operating Temp. Range: -40...150 °C
Temp. Setting Mode: analog
Temperature Display: digital/LED
Resolution Display: 0.1°C
Temp. Control Accuracy: +/- 0.02 °C
Temp. Controlling Mode: ANTIDRIFT
Control Sensor: PT 100
Heater Capacity: 2000W
Cooling Capacity: 270W (-40°C) / 380W (-10/20°C)
Number of Compressors: 1
Compressor Cooling: Air

Pump Capacity
Pressure Pump: Pressure max 210 mbar Flow max 16 l/min
Suction Pump: Suction max 170 mbar Flow max 14 l/min
Low Liquid Level Limiter: trigger point fixed
Excess Temp. Cut-Off Point: 20 to 150 °C
Safety Class DIN 12879: 2
External Temp. Presetting: 0.01 V/°C
Bath Opeing/Depth: 295x190/150 mm
Volume: 12 L
Dimensions WxDxH: 400 x 400 x 660 mm
Weight: 45kg
Total Wattage: 2300 VA
Mains Connection: 220-240 / 50Hz
Ambient Temperature: 10 to 40 °C

Items delivered:

- Haake F3 Circulator Thermostat
- Haake K Refigerated Bath
- Power Cord
- Instruction Manual as PDF via E-Mail

The refrigerated circulator bath is in good cosmetic condition and 100%  functional tested.

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