Harry Gestigkeit PZ 28-1 Präzitherm Präzisionsheizplatte Precision Hot Plate

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Manufacturer: Harry Gestigkeit

Model: PZ 28-1 Präzitherm Precision Hot Plate

S/N: 9310693


The heating surfaces of the precision hot plate are composed of an efficient heat conducting Aluminium alloy, and have a smooth anodised finish for easy maintenance. The electrical long-term heating ensures that the temperature remains constant, even on the corners and edges. The microprocessor controlled digital regulator allows the operating temperature to be preset in 0.1°C stages up to 99,9°C.
The preset temperature remains programmed, even when the equipment has been switched off. Presetting is only possible by using two fingers; this is to prevent any unintentional alterations that could occur by accidentally touching only one key. The actual temperature is permanently displayed by 14mm high numerals after the keys have been released.
An adjustable safety device against overheating prevents the hotplate and the substance to be heated, from dangerously high temperatures.
The model has an electronic output control that allows the heating output to be adjusted between 10..100%, this prevents the hotplate exceeding the preset temperature and/or avoids any after-heating. The temperature is measured with a built-in, quick-reaction sensor (PT 100).
It is equipped with a 3-pole diode output bushing (extra-low voltage), to permit the connection of one of the following appliances:
1. Contact Thermometer – to measure the temperature directly from the heated material and to regulate.
2. Time switch – in order to heat or cool the apparatus at preset intervals.


- Due to the asymmetrical, quick-reaction special heating and thermal sensors as well as output adaptation to the thermal requirements, very precise temperatures with a good uniform heat are obtainable over the whole heating surface.
- Accurate, reliable and safe
- Easy operation
- Robust and durable


- Range of temperature: 20...99,9 °C
- Constant temperature: +/- 0,1 K
- Plate size: 280 x 220 mm
- Power: 500 W
- Weight: 15 kg

Items delivered:

- Harry Gestigkeit PZ 28-1 Präzitherm Precision Hot Plate
- Operating Instructions


The precision hot plate is in very good cosmetic as well as working condition. It is 100% functional tested and ready to be operated.

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