Heraeus Megafuge 3.0R Refrigerated Centrifuge 8100 Swing Out Rotor 8074 3500 rpm

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Manufacturer: Heraeus

Model: Megafuge 3.0R Refrigerated Centrifuge 8100 + Swing Out Rotor 8074

P/N: 75008100

S/N: 225111

YoM: 1995


The Megafuge is a bench-top model and a technically highly developed microprocessor controlled laboratory centrifuge with frequency controlled and maintenance-free induction motor. The centrifuge has low vibration solid polymer bottom plates. The housing is built of sheet steel. The front panel is made of plastic. Housing and front panel are fixed tightly to the bottom plate. The rotor is started directly with a frequency-controlled induction drive (brushless) with high acceleration power. This drive ensures quiet, low vibration running at high speed with high reliability. The drive is mounted with shock absorbers to the bottom plate and sealed with a rubber flange to the rotor chamber. The main microprocessor controls the functions for speed measuring and regulation, the temperature measuring and regulation program storage, safety control and error coding. An additional microprocessor is responsible for the key and display functions. The centrifuge is controlled by the "Megacontrol" system. Megafuge 3.0R is equipped with a compressor plant for temperature control.
Rotor Chamber:
- The stainless steel rotor chamber is surrounded by a solid armored vessel
Lid Lock:
- The cabinet lid can only be opened when the rotor speed is at zero and the mains power on. The centrifuge can only be started when the lid is correctly locked.
Thermal Motor Protection:
- The power to the motor is switched off in the event of motor overtemperature to protect the drive system. An additional motor temperature switch turns on cooling fans to keep the temperature inside the unit a suitable range.
Imbalance switch
- The Megafuge is equipped with an imbalance switch.


- Base construction: solid polymer bottom plate ensures low vibration centrifugal runnings
- Housing: motor and back panel made of sheet steel covered with annealing colour
- Front panel: synthetic resin for incorporation of key and display elements covered with cleanable membrane
- Operation: by programming of “Megacontrol”
- Drive: frequency controlled, maintenance-free induction motor
- Lid opening: key button, the lid pops up and opens by the gas lid stay(s)
- Closing: press the lid down and push on top of the lid locks
- Locking at run: double safety circuit
- Starting/Stopping: dual function key button indicated by LED’s
- Re-starting: at any time during braking phase
- Quick-run/-stop: with quick-run press-and-hold key/quick stop on release
- Imbalance stop: automatic during acceleration, if allowed imbalance is exceeded


- Parameter storage: for speed, RCF value, rotor type, brake cut-out point, running time, temperature
- Data memory: with NV-RAM’s (non-volatile random – access - memory)
- Diagnostic indications:
Lid open
Imbalances loading
General troubles in the unit
Data transmitting errors
Rotor over temperature
- Digital parameter display: speed, RCF, rotor, time, temperature
- Acceleration: 2 stepped reproducable profiles: smooth start and fast, can be switched over at any time using the brake key
- Deceleration: 1 reproducable profile and unbraked deceleration, can be switched over at any time using the brake key
- Speed selection: adjustable in stages of 100 rpm up to max. rotor or bucket speed
- RCF selection: adjustable to max. rcf value converted into stages of 100 rpm
- Brake cut-out point: adjustable in stages of 100 rpm up to the preselected speed
- Rotor selection: preprogrammed menu, arranged in ascending rotor or bucket Cat. Numbers
- Time selection in 2 modes:
HD mode: continuous operation
Min. mode: adjustable in minutes from 1 min to 99 min
- Time display by Quick-Run:
Sec mode: 1 s – 99 s
Temperature selection: 0 °C – 40 °C


- Kin. energy 40,6 kNm
- Voltage/Frequency/Power: 230V 50 Hz 8 A
- Power input: 1450 W
Rotor for swing-out buckets (8078; 8080; 8082):
- Max speed: 3500 rpm

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- Heraeus Megafuge 3.0R Refrigerated Centrifuge 8100 + Swing Out Rotor 8074


The Megafuge is in used condition, though it is good working and in good technical condition. It is 100% functional tested and ready for you to use.

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