Heraeus Thermo B15 B 15 Compact Mini Inkubator Incubator Brutschrank 50°C 15 L

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Manufacturer: Heraeus Thermo Kendro

Model: B 15 Compact Mini Incubator

P/N: 50043619

S/N: 40438548


Due to its minimum space requirements and revolutionary ergonomic design, the general purpose Heraeus B 15 Compact Incubator is an absolute must for all laboratories. The high-performance B 15 Incubator is the ideal solution for a wide range of applications, such as microbiological testing, and tempering media. It is compact, capacious and takes up very little space.

Wide range of applications:

The Heraeus B 15 Compact Incubator is ideal for a wide range of incubating, tempering, thermal storage and drying applications:
- in medical diagnostics for identifying bacteria, e.g. biochemical differentiation
- for testing the sensitivity of microorganisms to antibiotics/chemotherapeutic substances, e.g. MIC test
- in genetics for mutagenicity tests, e.g. Ames test
- for bacteriological and serological tests
- for enzymatic tests, e.g. restriction analysis
- in the hygiene industry, e.g. food and environmental hygiene
- for quality control of raw materials and finished products in the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries
- for tempering infusion- and rinsingliquids, contrast media and cell cultivation media
- for thermal storage of culture dishes and media
- for drying, e.g. dental instruments


High volume and high performance:
- The B 15 Compact Incubator offers a total volume of 15 litres for a wide variety of samples. It operates at temperatures from 5 °C above ambient to 50 °C and is freely adjustable. The temperature is displayed in increments of 0.2 °C.
- A sophisticated air circulation system ensures outstanding heat distribution and minimizes the drying out of samples.

Easy to operate:
- With its very small footprint (340 x 431 mm) the B 15 can be set up directly on any counter top or work bench. It is very narrow in design, and the cover is opened vertically. It is designed to handle loads of up to 5 kg, ensures easy loading and unloading of the unit.
- B 15 comes with with tinted, transparent cover to avoid incidence of direct light to the sample.

Designed with safety in mind:
- The B 15 Compact Incubator is made of plastic that can be sterilised with standard disinfectants. A small opening on the housing can be used to accommodate cables for electrical devices placed inside the incubator.
- The B 15 is equipped with a resettable over temperature protection system in compliance with IEC 1010, Class 1.


- Total volume: 15 l
- Insertion plate: 1
- Temperature range: Ambient T°C +5 … 50 °C
- Rated temperature: 50 °C
- Rated voltage/rated frequency: 230 V, 50/60 Hz
- Rated power: 0.2 kW
- Interior dimensions (W/H/D): 270/205/288 mm
- Exterior dimensions (W/H/D): 340/270/431 mm

Items delivered:

- Heraeus Thermo Kendro B 15 Compact Mini Incubator


The B 15 Compact Mini Incubator is in perfect condition - working, technical and cosmetic. It is fully functional being 100% functional tested and ready to be applied.

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