Hettich MIKRO 22R 220R Refrigerated Centrifuge Gekühlte Zentrifuge 6x15/50ml

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Manufacturer: Hettich, Germany

Model: Mikro 22R - Refrigerated Microlitre Centrifuge (with Rotor of your choice,  avalable Rotors below)

S/N: 0004029-07-00


The MIKRO 22 R is a small, compact bench-top centrifuge for processing  hematocrit capillaries, microfuge tubes, PCR tubes, blood vacutainer tubes &  even 15ml and 50ml conical tubes in a fixed angle rotor! In a nutshell....a very very versatile centrifuge model.
The MIKRO 22 type centrifuges are used for routine examinations of patients`  sera as well as use in genetic research, virology, cytology and bacteriology. Capacity, performance and cooling of the MIKRO 22 R are specifically designed to  meet the demands of PCR and other molecular work. Super rapid run-up and run-down times shorten the centrifuging operations  significantly without stirring the sediment during deceleration.
Environmentally friendly, first to use non-ozone depleting refrigerant R-404,  materials and components carefully selected with reusability or non-polluting  disposability criteria in mind.
Innovative, features and performance not found elsewhere at the same price 100  years in the making. Hettich was 1st in centrifugation at the beginning of this  century- Andreas Hettich designed the first centrifuge for medical applications.


Power supply: 220 - 240 V
Frequency: 50 - 60 Hz
Consumption: 900 VA
Radio interference: EN 55011 group I, class B
EN 61000 - 3 - 2,
EN 61000 - 3 - 3
Immunity: EN 61000 - 6 - 2
Capacity: 60 x 1.5/2.0 ml (drum rotor)
6 x 50 ml (angle rotor)
Max. Speed: 18,000 min-1
Max. RCF: 31,514 x g
Temperature: controllable from -20°C to +40°C
Running time: 1-99 min, 8 (continuous run), key IMPULS (short cycle in seconds)
Dimensions (HxWxD): 278 x 333 x 620 mm
Weight: approx. 36 kg

We have the following rotors available for the MIKRO 22R Centrifuge:

? Hematocrit rotor, 24-place, with lid as evaluation disc (Cat.-No.: 1023)

capillaries per rotor: 24
Max. RCF: 21,382 x g
Radius in mm: 85
Run-up in sec: 9 sec
Run-down in sec: 10 sec @ braked run-down at level 9
200 sec @ unbraked run-down
Temperature: -7 °C

? Fixed Angle rotor with Adapter for 15mL Falcons (Cat.-No.: 1016)
  (can also be used without Adapters for 50mL Falcons)

Tubes per Rotor: 6/18
Max. RCF: 3,622 - 3,904 x g
Radius in mm: 90 - 97 mm
Run-up in sec: 19 sec
Run-down in sec: 20 sec @ braked run-down at level 9
350 sec @ unbraked run-down
Temperature: -14 °C

Items deliered:

- Hettich MIKRO 22R Refrigerated Centrifuge
- Power Cord
- 1x Rotor of your choice (either Rotor 1016 or Rotor 1023)
- Instruction Manual as PDF via E-Mail

The Centrifuge is in very good cosmetic condition and 100% functional tested.

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