Hewlett Packard HP 54602B Oscilloscope HP 54600 150 MHz Optional Interface

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Manufacturer: Hewlett Packard

Model: HP 54602B  Oscilloscope

S/N: US35061113


HP 54600-Series Oscilloscopes - analog feel and digital power for precise and accurate troubleshooting. HP 54602B oscilloscope is a vertical system of 4-channel (2+2), 150 MHz bandwidth and 1 mV/div sensitivity. Enhance your troubleshooting capability, the familiar, easy-to-use control and and interactive display you?ve grown accustomed to on analog scopes. Yet, to solve your most difficult test problems, these scopes provide powerful digital features, such as pre-trigger viewing, waveform storage, and measurement automation. This HP 54600-series oscilloscope features real-time vector displays that gives you a clear and accurate picture of your waveforms. Like analog oscilloscope displays, this enhanced display gives you waveform slew rate information at a glance, with brighter traces representing more slowly changing waveforms and dimmer traces representing more rapidly changing waveforms. These trace intensity differences give you the visual information you need to quickly assess waveform slew rate, for faster, more effective troubleshooting. This fast display update means the oscilloscope screen reflects changes in the waveform instantaneously, giving you the display responsiveness you need to make adjustments quickly and see complex waveforms accurately.


The digital architecture of HP 54600-series oscilloscopes gives you a multitude of features that help you get your job done easier and faster:
- Pre-trigger viewing capability lets you view events that you?d miss with an analog scope. This feature lets you see what happened before the trigger event, so you can troubleshoot more effectively.
- Autoscale frees you from resetting the scope every time you move the probe from test point to test point. You simply hit the autoscale button and it sets voltage, time and trigger parameters for you.
- With autostore, the waveform displays at full brightness while all previously acquired waveforms remain on the scope?s screen at half brightness. This lets you see a history of waveform activity while simultaneously viewing the live waveform. You can use this tool to analyze worstcase jitter and noise, or to permanently capture infrequent waveform anomalies.
- Automatic measurements of voltage, frequency and time, plus user-defined cursor measurements, make waveform characterization fast and easy.
- With peak detect, you won?t have to worry about missing narrow glitches.


- Bandwidth:
CH 1 & 2: dc-150 MHz
ac coupled: 10 Hz-150 MHz
CH 3 & 4: dc-250 MHz
- Single-shot bandwidth: dc-2 MHz
- Number of channels: 4 (2+2)
- Sensitivity:
CH 1 & 2: 1 mV/div to 5 V/div
CH 3 & 4: 0,1 & 0,5 V/div
- dc gain accuracy: +/- 1,5 %
- Rise time (calculated)
CH 1 & 2: < 2,33 ns
CH 3 & 4: < 1,4 ns
- Input impedance: 1 M, approx. 13 pF
- Input coupling:
CH 1 & 2: dc, ac or ground
CH 3 & 4: dc, ground
- Maximum input (dc + peak ac): 400 V
- Timebase range (main and delayed): 5 s/div to 2 ns/div
- Trigger sources: CH 1, 2, 3, 4 or line
- Horizontal accuracy: +/- 0,01 %
- Horizontal resolution: 100 ps
- Trigger sensitivity:
dc to 25 MHz: 0,35 div or 0,7 mV
dc to max. bandwith: 1 div or 2 mV
- Maximum sample rate:
single shot: 20 MSa/s
repetitive: 10 GSa/s
- Record length (maximum): 4,000 points
single shott: 2,000 points
- Max. display update rate: 1,500,000 points/sec
- Resolution: 8 bit
- Power: 100-240 V; 220 VA Max; 45-440 Hz
- Size (excl. handle) (H x W x D): 172 x 322 x 317 mm

Items delivered:

- Hewlett Packard Oscilloscope HP 54602B
- Connecting Cabels
- Instruction Manual


The item is in used but very good cosmetic as well as technical condition. It is 100% functional tested and ready to be operated.

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