Hiden Isochema IGAsorp Dynamic Vapor Moisture Sorption Analyser DVS Analyzer

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Manufacturer: Hiden Isochema

Model: IGAsorp Dynamic Vapor Sorption Analyzer
S/N: IG-SA-069


IGAsorp Dynamic Vapor Sorption Analyzer is a fully automated compact benchtop DVS analyzer, for fast and accurate sorption measurements using the dynamic flow technique for water and organic solvents. Measured vapor uptake isotherms and kinetics are used to characterize, test and evaluate materials in precisely defined environmental conditions.
An ultra-sensitive microbalance measures changes in sample mass as a function of humidity and temperature. Humidity is determined by relative mixing of wet and dry gas streams, and is measured and regulated at the sample position. These factors combine to offer unrivalled performance and total baseline stability.

The IGAsorp uses the unique IGA method for the determination of the sorption kinetics and equilibrium isotherms. This ensures accurate and consistent analysis with faster analysis times making the optimum use of instrument time. Hiden Isochema’s unique IGA method is applied independently to every step in a gravimetric sorption measurement. At each step, the humidity and temperature are actively regulated, with resultant changes in sample weight continuously recorded. The kinetic weight data is analyzed in real-time, and the trend toward equilibrium is predicted and displayed on screen. Equilibration criteria are applied to objectively determine the period allowed before the measurement moves on to the next pressure or temperature value. Each equilibrium point is plotted on an isotherm or isohume, and the full raw data is also recorded. The IGAsorp therefore allows consistent analysis with optimum measurement accuracy and faster overall process times.

Benefits and features:

- Unrivalled performance and total baseline stability
- Fast and accurate analysis of equilibria and kinetics using the IGA method
- Market-leading weight stability, temperature and humidity control
- Unrivalled measurement precision, accuracy and resolution
- Operation with water and organic vapors
- Built-in user conformance tests for weight, temperature and humidity verification
- High security 21 CFR Part 11 compliant software option with 3 user privilege levels
- Advanced analysis features including diffusion coefficients, permeation rates and more

Types of measurements that can be recorded:

- Isotherm and kinetics analysis
- Cyclic/lifetime studies
- Moisture content determination
- Hydrate analysis
- Permeation and diffusion studies (MVTR)
- Amorphous phase detection

Types of materials that can be tested:

- Polymers
- Textiles
- Pharmaceuticals
- Porous materials
- Packaging materials
- Building and construction materials
- Food products and other consumables
- Wood, fibres, clays and other natural materials

Key areas:

- Pharmaceutical
- Biotech
- Polymers and packaging
- Natural materials
- Building and construction materials (cement, timber, insulation, adhesives)
- Electronics
- Fuel cells (proton exchange membranes)

DVS applications:

- Quality control
- Hydrophobicity, product stability and shelf life
- Water activity and water content determination
- Polymorphism: amorphous phase detection and quantification
- Diffusion and permeation including vapor transmission rate (MVTR/WVTR) analysis

Application data:

- Amorphous phase detection:
A simple test to detect amorphous phase transition
- Permeation study:
MVTR results from a polmer film
- Kinetics analysis:
Example of an isothermal kinetic response data
- Isotherm analysis:
Comparison between isotherms at course and medium resolution
- Hydrate analysis:
Example of a hydration-dehydration cycle
- Diffusion study:
Variation of the microscopic diffusion coefficient with relative humidity


- Capacity: 5 gram
- Weighing range: 25 / 200 / 1000 mg (fixed) or user selectable (optional)
- Resolution: from 0.05 microgram
- Stability: nominal +/- 1 microgram / week
- Control range: 0 to 98 %RH
- Absolute Calibration Accuracy: +/-1 % (0-90 %); +/-2 % (90-100 %)
- Regulation accuracy: +/- 0.01 %RH
- Minimum control increment: 0.02 %RH
- Gas Supply: Dry air, N2 or He
- Maximum flow rate: 500 ml/min
- Measurement range: 5 – 50 °C
- Regulation accuracy: +/- 0.01 °C
Power requirements: 240V 50Hz

Items delivered:

- Hiden Isochema IGAsorp Dynamic Vapor Sorption Analyzer
- Connecting Cable


The item is in very good condition - cosmetic, technical and working. It operates as intended and functions properly being 100% functional tested. The Hiden Isochema IGAsorp Dynamic Vapor Sorption Analyzer is ready to use!

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