Hosokawa Micron Mini Cyclomix 0.1L High Shear Mixer Blender DPI Formulations 5L

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Manufacturer: Hosokawa Micron B.V.

Model: Mini Cyclomix with 0.1L

We also have the Hosokawa Cyclomix 5L available for sale (therefore please see last pictures and get in contact with us!)

S/N: 5564201

YoM: 2009

Last Calibration 03/2015


The Mini Cyclomix lab mixer is a high shear batch mixer with exchangeable product bowls of 0.1, 1 or 2 litres, based on the principles of the Cyclomix. It's especially suitable for pharmaceutical applications such as blending DPI formulations.

Key Features:

? Exchangeable product bowls, volumes 0.1, 1 or 2 litres
? Perfect dispersion of fines due to the combination of impact and shear mixing
? Accurate temperature control with jacketed vessels
? Rounding-off or densification of particles possible
? Single layer coating achievable
? Create homogeneous mixture without lumps
? Reproducible processes
? Filling rates between 30-100% with the conical vessel
? Full discharge through the central bottom discharge valve
? Offline filling and discharging possible, e.g. in an isolator
? Sterile and CIP/SIP execution possible

Items delivered:

- Hosokawa Mini Cyclomix 0.1L
- high shear mixing tool
- 0.1L Product Bowl and
- fixing ring
- Instruction Manual
- Extensive Calibration, Qualification and Validation Documents for Productions

The Mini Cyclomix is in very very good condition, rarely used and 100% functional tested.

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