INNOVATIS CellScreen Culture Cell Counting Olympus IX50 Microscope System TESTED

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Manufacturer: Innovatis Germany (now Roche)

Model: CellScreen Cell Culture Counting System /w Olympus IX50-S8F2


The Cellscreen system consists of an inverted microscope using UIS optics and  an apochromatic relay lens system. Attached to this is a monochrome, autofocus camera with a progressive scan image sensor and automatic  shutter, allowing for an effective resolution of 1.3 million pixels.
Images are passed into a computer workstation with optimized software, which  coordinates the separate hardware components. The software's pattern recognition allows the system to handle a variety of cells while sampling speed  ensures that cultures can be analyzed at multiple time points allowing for fully automated data collection for statistical analysis.

? visualize and count the number of cells without painting and specialized  training
? It works with both adherent and suspension cultures
? It requires a small amount of material to be analyzed
? It keeps the cells completely intact, making them multiple analysis and  subsequent use
? automatically handles multi-well plates with the cells
? automatically analyzes the interested areas for a given program without user  intervention
? automatically documents the results of the analysis and stores the received  cell image
? simple to use and inexpensive
? It has a modular architecture that allows future expansion.

The system has three software modules implemented on the basis of a single  instrument:

? PS module. Count the number of cells and the suspension gives a growth curve  and cell diameter distribution.
? PA module. It calculates the area covered with adhesive cells (confluence) and  gives the growth curve based on that information.
? CL module. It keeps track of the growth of the colony from a single cell per  well plate.


? Two-processor workstation. Software designed to provide maximum performance  and ease of control, recording and analysis of data.
? An inverted microscope with a 4-and 10-fold lens, V-shaped optical axis and  apochromatic optics. It ensures the highest quality of bright field image  correction. Auto focus and brightness.
? B / W 2/3 "CCD matrix, equipped with advanced scanning and automatic  full-sized image sensor shutter shutter speed 1 -. 000 1/10 with a square shape  pixel effective resolution of 1.3 million pixels...
? Motorized precision table. Supports move to 3 coordinates. Accuracy to 0.1  microns. The software allows you to move the sample along an arbitrary  trajectory at the same time in 3 coordinates with variable speed.
? Support for standard 384-, 96-, 48-, 24-, 12- and 6-well plates.

Software Package consisting of:

? Cellscreen Archive
? Cellscreen Live
? Cellscreen Resultsview
? Cellscreen Processing
? Cellscreen Acquistition
? Cellscreen Exp Preparation
? Microsoft Excel Add On XLfit4 (idbs) for preparing results in excel

Items delivered:

- Innovatis Cellcreen Olympus IX50 rebuilt Microscope
- Innovatis Cellscreen Imaging / Control Box
- Dell Computer with Xeon CPU and preinstalled Innovatis Software
- Connection Cables
- Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse and Power Cords

The system is in very good cosmetic condition and fully operational tested.  The optics are clean and motors running smooth.
Very complete system and ready for your laboratory. Buy with confidence!

Hersteller: Roche

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