Inficon Sensistor ISH2000 C P50 Probe Calibrated Leak 2017

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Manufacturer: Inficon

Model: Sensistor ISH2000C Hydrogen Leak Detector incl. Calibrated Leak Type C (590-422)
             ("C" = Battery & Power Supply Mode)

S/N ISH2000C:  C2471
S/N Probe P50:  00345
S/N Calibrated Leak:  HT031204

Last Calibration 01/2017


The Sensistor ISH2000 is a robust instrument for professional leak detection, both manual and automatic. The unique method involving the use of inexpensive forming gas (5 % hydrogen and 95 %nitrogen) as tracer gas. This combines unmatched measuring properties with user-friendly technology, low costs and minimal service requirements. This makes the Sensistor ISH2000 the best option for a wide range of production and maintenance applications. It is especially suitable for finding leaks of a size that would leak liquids such as water, fuel and oils or in environments with occasional large leaks.


Smart accessories adapt the detector to a wide range of testing situations -
from manual sniffing to fully automatic chamber testing
Low maintenance thanks to no moving parts
High sensitivity combined with excellent performance in high concentrations, makes it easy to locate leaks
Short recovery time reduces downtime when detecting gross leaks
Easy sensor fitting allows the operator to replace the sensor in a matter of seconds
Long autonomy ? fast charging (for battery-powered model)
The Sensistor ISH2000C is portable and battery powered for maximum freedom. Also perfect in rough environments


Design for tough industrial environments
Simple and intuitive user interface
Low maintenance
Fast sensor reaction, fast recovery
Highly selective hydrogen sensor
Manual sniffing or automatic sampling
Ergonomic hand probe with built-in intelligence facilitates the operator?s control of the instrument
3, 6 or 9 m (9.8, 19.6 or 29.5 ft) probe cable
Integrates with INFICON Tracer Gas Fillers


Minimum Detectable Leak Rate
Locating Mode with P50 Probe:  1x10-7  mbarl/s or cc/s with 5% H2
Measuring Mode with P50 Probe:  0,5 ppm H2; 5x10-7 mbar l/s or cc/s with 5% H2
Start Time:  1 min
Calibration:  External calibration leak or calibration gas
Input/Output:  25 pin, D-Sub with status signals 24 VDC / 0.5A
               9 pin, D-Sub with RS232 Probe connector
Maintenance:  none
Power Supply:  100 ? 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 2 A
Dimensions (WxHxD): 275 x 157 x 170 mm (10.8 x 6.1 x 6.6 in.)
Weight:  3.9 kg (8.6 lb.)

Items delivered:

- Inficon Sensistor ISH2000C Hydrogen Leak Detector (P/N 590-750)
- Inficon Probe P50 (P/N 590-780)
- Inficon Calibrated Leak Type C (P/N 590-422) (not pictured)
- Inficon Probe Tip Protection Caps (P/N 591-273)
- Power Supply
- Transport Case
- Instruction Manual

The ISH2000C Hydrogen Leak Detector is in perfect cosmetic as well as technical condition - 100% functional tested.

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