Innovatis CASY Cell Counter and Analyzer TT + CASY blue Starterkit TT-2LA-2270

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Manufacturer: Innovatis

Model: CASY Cell Counter and Analyzer Model TT

S/N: TT-2LA-2270


The CASY TT is an Electronic Cell Counter and Analyzer System. It is a precision measuring instrument for determining cell counts and cell size distributions, aggregation and viability.
The calibration of the CASY Cell Counter and Analyzer guarantees that the results can be compared from user-to-user, from lab-to-lab, from day to day and from instrument-to-instrument.
The CASY Systems use a label-free, non-invasive method, called the Electrical Current Exclusion method, for measuring cell viability of mammalian cell lines.
The CASY Cell Counter and Analyzer offers a method to analyze even clumpy cell suspensions with its integrated aggregation correction. By analyzing the size distribution, the CASY Cell Counter and Analyzer determines the statistically most occurring cell size, the volume of the statistically “representative single cell”.
Cell aggregates thereby are classified into their single cells, thus making it possible to determine the single cell count including the number of single cells in aggregates. The CASY Cell Counter and Analyzer represents this correction in the form of an aggregation factor. The mean aggregation factor is used to record the aggregation correction. This parameter also can be used as a further quality control parameter for the characterization of cell cultures.

CASY Model TT comprises the following functional units:
- Measuring stand consisting of measuring unit, pressure systems and main power supply
- Measuring capillaries
- Protection shield
- Control panel with graphic display and 13 control keys.

The control panel consists of a graphic display and a membrane keyboard exhibiting 13 keys. In measuring mode, the graphic display shows the size distribution and indicates the measuring results. All measuring and output parameters can be displayed and adjusted through the menu control.
The keyboard is divided into three functional areas. The top right-hand area accommodates the keys used to enter the measuring and output parameters. The bottom right-hand area accommodates the keys used to control the measuring unit and output the results to the printer. On the left are the keys used to position the evaluation and the normalization cursors. All keys have a clearly defined pressure point.
The CASY System is a development based on extensive experience gained in analytical working methods in the fields of cytobiology, microbiology, biochemistry, and physics. Its ergonomic and easy operation were developed specifically for day-to-day, routine use. Standardized cell counting methods and accurate measurement of cell viability, cell aggregation, and cell volume with high measuring range dynamics make the CASY Cell Counter and Analyzer an indispensable tool for the qualitative and quantitative assessment of cell cultures.


- High-resolution size distribution
- Cell volume:
The cell volume is precisely measured by the CASY Cell Counter and Analyzer. Based on the cell volume, the corresponding cell diameter is calculated
- Aggregation correction:
Determination of the mean degree of cell aggregation. The aggregation factor is used to calculate the total number of single cells, including cells in cell clusters (aggregation correction)
- Viability determination:
Viability of mammalian cell lines and primary cells, when analyzed in monoculture, is measured by a non-invasive method, the electrical current exclusion method
- Permanent, highly stable calibration for biological media
- Recording of measuring results, including date, time, setup name, device serial number and all device settings
- System self-test checking all measuring-specific parameters before and after each measurement
- Electronic monitoring and automatic flushing of the measuring pore
- Automatic detection and display of operating and system errors
- Integrated service functions for fast error diagnosis
- Menu-driven operation and control of all functions through a movable control panel with membrane keyboard and graphics display
- All cell-specific device settings can be saved as setup
- 20 setups per measuring capillary – each assigned a different name
- Output of results and size distribution to display and printer
- Export function for computers via the serial interface


- Dimensions (H x W x D): 39 x 31 x 39 cm
- Weight: 19 kg (including control panel)
- Power supply: 230 V ~ +/- 10% / 50 Hz
- Power consumption: 60 VA
- Installation category: II (according to IEC 61010-1)
- Volume measuring section and pressure system: Calibrated, opto-electronically controlled volume measuring tube with no-maintenance, sensor controlled pressure system. Mercury-free.
- Measuring principle: Electrical resistance measurement in 1 MHz, low voltage field with pulse area analysis. Distinctive measuring channels: > 512.000.
- Volume resolution: 1 in 512,000
- Displayed size channels: 400
- Measuring range: 0.7 µm to 120 µm
- Measurement dynamics: Ratio of smallest to largest particles that can be analyzed simultaneously: >1 : 70,000 in terms of volume, >1 : 40 in terms of diameter
- Typical analysis time: 10 sec
- Typical sample volume: 5 µl – 100 µl
- Measuring volume: 200 µl – 4 ml
- Pollution degree: 2 (according to IEC 61010-1)

Items delivered:

- Innovatis CASY Cell Counter and Analyzer Model TT
- Innovatis CASY blue Starterkit (S/N: 43042)
- Instruction Manual as PDF via E-Mail


The whole unit is in excellent cosmetic condition, 100% functional tested and ready for your operations.

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