KaVo In Exam Focus Intraoral X-ray incl. KaVo Focus long Cone 12"

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Manufacturer: KaVo

Model: In Exam Focus Intraoral X-ray incl. KaVo Focus long Cone 12"

TYPE: 3510

REF: 1.002.4810

S/N: 1000296

YoM: 02.2005


The accurate KaVo Focus X-ray generator technology ensures safe exposure and repeatable intraoral X-ray image quality at all times. FOCUS X-ray is extremely stable, yet amazingly light and easy-to-handle. It positions smoothly with just one hand. The movement stops when you want it to stop ? no drifting or repositioning. This exceptional stability is a result of the ADM anti-drift mechanism in the scissor arm. This innovative design provides complete immobility after positioning, which is essential in order to get clinically correct images. Thanks to KaVo FOCUS Intraoral X-ray Imaging the produced results are consistent, exposure after exposure.
You can choose from two cones to ensure that your X-ray is the best fit for your clinical needs.

Highlights & Advantages:
- Exceptional stability
- Smooth movements 
- Anti-drift mechanism (ADM)
- Consistent images
- Reliable operation
- Excellent build quality
- Amazingly light to handle.


- Generator: Constant potential (high voltage DC, 100?200 kHz)
- Tube voltage: 60 kV, 70 kV selectable
- Tube current: 7 mA
- Focal spot: 0.7 mm (IEC 60336)
- Total filtration: 2.0 mm Al (70 kV)
- Exposure time: 0.02 to 3.2 seconds
- SSD (Source-Skin Distance): 9" (229 mm) standard cone; 12" (305 mm) long cone
- Weight: 30 kg

Items delivered:

- KaVo In Exam Focus Intraoral X-ray
- KaVo Focus long Cone 12" (P/N: 1003.1576)


The whole unit is in excellent cosmetic condition. It is 100% functional tested and ready to be applied.

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