LINKAM BTL Lyostat 3 Freeze Drying Microscope Trivac D2,5E Pump QI Cam N2 Tank

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Manufacturer: Linkam / BTL (Biopharma Technology Ltd)

Model: Lyostat 3 Freeze Drying Microscope


BTL’s freeze drying microscopes, the Lyostat series, have been popular for many years because of their speed and accuracy in returning useable data. Lyostat3, the latest in the series, features upgraded hardware and software and many options to offer enhanced reliability and flexibility, whilst maintaining the same functionality Lyostat has always offered.

The new features include:

• Linkam Scientific’s new 95 series controller, featuring better connectivity and precision control
• New liquid nitrogen pump enabling precise linear cooling rates
• New design and soft blue LED lighting
• Power ratings allow for use with any voltage and frequency
• New ‘LinkPad’ touch-screen unit to monitor in-situ performance levels and allow easy checking of firmware versions
• Upgradable firmware via USB link
• Vacuum Control module replaced with PC style card minimising the number of power sockets required
• Increased data sampling rates and resolution to improve data accuracy

Technical specification of Lyostat3:

Stage and Controller:
· Working temperature from -196ºC to +350ºC.
· Controlled heating and cooling rates
· Programmable profile function, allowing several ramping and holding steps
· High purity silver heating/cooling block for good thermal conductivity.
· 100 Ohm platinum resistor sensor for temperature monitoring/control (DIN Class A to 0.1°C).
· Vacuum tight sample chamber to 10–3 mbar.
· Port for direct measurement of chamber vacuum.
· Optional vacuum control module.

Liquid Nitrogen Cooling System:
· Automatic twin-pump cooling system including 2L Dewar and flexible insulated tubing.
· Twin pumps for faster cooling.
· Direct injection of the coolant into the silver block.

· Software displays the live temperature and stage pressure, active ramp information and allows the user to have full control over the temperature programmer via an RS232 serial link to the PC.
· Online plot information of temperature and pressure can be viewed, saved and exported to third party applications such as Excel.
· A temperature profile consisting of several ramping and holding steps can be created in a simple on-screen data table.

Imaging Station with flip-top head for ease of sample loading:
· Fewer lenses than compound microscope, for clearer images
· Polarising lens with analyser
· Long working distance condenser
· 100W Light source halogen bulb
· Power supply with variable light intensity adjustment
· Köhler Illumination

Alternative Compound Microscope, comprising:
· Quality robust frame
· Objectives Plan 10x
· C-Mount Video port 1.0x
· Widefield 18mm eyepieces
· Köhler Illumination
· Trinocular head

Items delivered:

- Linkam LinkPad Controller
- Linkam LNP95
- Linkam T95-PE
- Olympus Microscope Stand with Lyostat 3 Freeze Drying Stage 3MV
- Likam G16.3 16.3mm Sample Carrier
- Olympus U-TAD Compensator Adapter with U-TP530 530nm Tint Compensator
- Olympus U-LH100L-3 Illumination Housing with TH4-200 Power Supply
- Liquid Nitrogen D2L Container
- Oerlikon Trivac D 2,5E Vacuum Pump with AF8 Exhaust Mist Filter
- Edwards LV10K Controllable Leak Valve
- Q Imaging QICAM 12-Bit


The Microscope is in very good cosmetic as well as technical condition.
Ready for your needs.

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