Leica DM IL Routine Inverted Contrasting Microscope 10x 20x 40x Fixed Stage

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Manufacturer: Leica

Model: DM IL Compact Routine Inverted Contrasting Microscope Inverses Mikroskop 10x 20x 40x Fixed Stage

P/N: 090-135.001


Leica DM IL Inverted Microscope – for all Routine and Laboratory Applications in Biology and Medicine being designed for brightfield, optimized phase contrast, brilliant incident light fluorescence, Integrated Modulation Contrast (IMC)- extremely efficient contrasting technique, which enables high quality Hoffman modulation contrast without having to use special objectives.

- Nosepiece focusing:
Samples are focused with the quadruple objective nosepiece. The reliability, stability and precision of the focusing is not influenced by the microscope stage and the samples on it or by accessory components such as the object guide or manipulators.
- Illumination system:
The compact brightfield illumination unit is attached to a column and can be comfortably adjusted. Setting the correct height for the condenser used or the specimen on the stage is facilitated by markings along the column. The pre-centered, extremely powerful 6 V 35 W halogen lamp provides optimal illumination even of critical specimens. The transmitted light illumination system includes the integration of the contrast slide (for phase and modulation contrast), the module for light filters with 32 mm diameter and the aperture diaphragm. The microscope stage with illumination arm can be turned 180° and is freely accessible for sample positioning from three sides.
- Light filters:
The filter module on the illumination column accommodates 32 mm diameter filters in a holder.
- Stage:
The standard stage is a fixed stage plate of 252 x 212 mm. Even smaller petri dishes can be used as well without losing focus when the objective nosepiece is rotated. Object guides can be attached to both the left and right of the stage and have a minimum adjustment range of 83 x 127 mm. The control of the coaxial drive is in an ergonomically low position so that you can rest your hands on the desk while scanning specimens. The object guides accommodate special and multi-purpose frames for all types of culture vessels. A heating stage up to max. 45 °C, a 3-plate mechanical stage and scanning stages complete the range of stages for the DM IL.

The Leica DM IL is the inverted contrasting microscope of choice for:
- cell culture
- live cell microscopy
- routine examinations of cell, tissue cultures liquids and sediments
- microbiology
- micromanipulation
- microinjection


- Leica DM IL blends ergonomy, a compact design and effective contrasting methods into a system for unlimited life science applications
- High-quality Hoffman Modulation Contrast can be produced without special objectives with the Integrated Modulation Contrast (IMC) technique
- Optimized phase contrast and brilliant incident light fluorescence make the Leica DM IL the number one choice in contrasting microscopes
- Unbeatable modularity, ergonomy and free view of the specimen, teamed with newly developed and optimized contrasting techniques
- Used for all applications in microbiology or the cell culture laboratory
- Universal inverted microscope for routine use: stable and space-saving, flexible and upgradable with optics from Leica’s research microscopes

Items delivered:

- Leica DM IL Compact Routine Inverted Contrasting Microscope Inverses Mikroskop
- Leica Eyepieces (P/N: 527000, 527001; 10x/18 M)
- Leica Condenser (P/N: 521230, 0.35 S55)
- Leica Objectives (C Plan L40x/0.50 PH2; C Plan 10x/0.22 PH1; C Plan L20x/030 PH 1)


The Microscope is in very good cosmetic condition. It is 100% functional tested an dready for your application.

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