Leica DM LFS Body Stand Base 501178 / 241491 for Upright Microscope Leica DM LFS

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Manufacturer: Leica

Model: DM LFS Body for Upright Fixed Stage Microscope Leica DM LFS

Type: 020-527.101

S/N: 501178 / 241491


The Leica DM LFS body belongs to upright fixed stage microscope Leica DM LFS, which is specially designed for electrophysiology applications, microscopy in the infrared range, offers wide application potential in animal and plant physiology. It is a modern application microscope with a modular design for smooth adaptation to all tasks in in vivo/in vitro microscopy. Equally useful for research and routine work, the microscope is ergonomic and application-specific.

The Leica DM LFS body incl.:

- condenser focusing knob
- open substage condenser mount/holder with condenser centering wingscrews
- coarse adjustment knob and fine focus adjustment knob
- illuminator/light source

Design parameter, material properties and features:

- extremely slender design
- largest possible access angle
- special ceramic material
- no interaction with the sample
- maximum stability of the microscope and the sample
- extremely good wettability
- ergonomic concept

Items delivered:

- Leica DM LFS Body for Upright Fixed Stage Microscope Leica DM LFS


The item is in used but good cosmetic as well as working condition. It is 100% functional tested and ready to be applied.

Hersteller: Leica
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