Leica DME Microscope Mikroskop Phasenkontrast Phase Contrast Ph1 10/20/40/100x

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Manufacturer: Leica Microsystems

Model: DME Transmitted Light Phase Contrast Microscope with 10/20/40/100x C-Plan


The Leica DM E compound microscope is designed for general biology and  specific life science applications in university education and routine  laboratory applications.

Its highly efficient illumination system with a more powerful halogen  lamp than any other microscope in this class provides consistent color and  intensity throughout the whole lamp life (over 2000 hours). The Leica DM E will enhance the quality  of your microscopy work.

Key Features:

? A voltage-sensing power supply optimizes light intensity regardless of voltage  fluctuations, and is designed to meet international safety standards to  facilitate usage anywhere in the world
? Illumination is easily upgradeable with interchangeable 20W and 35W lamps
? An easily-removed diffuser can provide more than 400% additional light, making  the Leica DM E the brightest in its class
? The Leica DM E illumination efficiency allows the use of a lamp with a life 20  times longer than what is used in other microscopes, saving money and time in  replacements
? An illuminated intensity control signals users when the microscope has been  left on, saving on lamps life
? An angled lamp door prevents the door from accidentally breaking
? The system's wide dynamic range allows for comfortable viewing for a variety  of applications, including darkfield, brightfield, polarization, phase contrast  and photomicrography
? The Koehler option is available to provide illumination for more exacting  techniques like phase contrast and photomicrography

Configuration of the offered microscope:

- Leica Periplan 10 x / 18 Pointer Eyepiece with eyeguard (PN 13591000)
- Leica Periplan 10 x / 18 Eyepiece with eyeguard (PN 13591005)
- Leica Binocular Viewing Body Dual Focusing Eyetubes (PN 13592005)
- Leica Transmitted Light illumination stand w/ Right hand mechanical stage 35W (PN  13593015)
- Leica Abbe Slider Condenser CL / PH 0.90 / 1.25 Oil S1 (PN 13593030)
- Leica Phase Contrast Ph1 Prism Slider
- Leica C Plan 10x/0.22 PH 1 8/-/? Objective (PN 506078)
- Leica C Plan 20x/0.40 PH 1 8/0.17 Objective (PN 506079)
- Leica C Plan 40x/0.65 PH 2 8/0.17 Objective (PN 506080)
- Leica C Plan 100x/1.25 Oil PH 3 8/0.17 Objective (PN 506073)

The Leica DME microscope is in good cosmetic condition and 100% functional  tested.

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