Leica Stereo Zoom 2000 Illuminated Stereo Stereozoom Microscope Stereomikroskop

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Manufacturer: Leica

Model: Stereo Zoom 2000 Microscope

P/N: 64 75 20092

Model No: Z30V


The Leica Zoom 2000 stereomicroscope combines high performance with flexible features to offer the optimal viewing experience. For education and observation, it delivers crystal clear optics with a wide range of magnification.  It offers high quality optics and rugged student-proof design. From biology to botany, entomology to geology, ecology to electronics education, the LEICA ZOOM 2000 stereomicroscope has applications wherever three-dimensional viewing is needed. The Leica ZOOM 2000 is the reference stereo microscope for educational applications. No other microscope offers comparable performance. A three-way illumination system (transmitted light, incident light or both at the same time) and high quality glass optics are contained in a rugged housing which is designed for years of use by students. This Leica ZOOM 2000 has fixed eyepiece with 15-fold magnification, hence infinitely variable magnifying range from 10.5 to 45-fold.


- High quality optics assure crisp, sharp images, UL listed
- Built-in, three-way illumination system supplies transmitted light, reflected light or both, simultaneously
- Infinitely variable 4.2:1 zoom magnification system
- Magnification ranges: 7x to 30x or 10.5x to 45x
- Working distance 100mm
- "Student-proof" design

The vision to make lessons come to life:
- Encased optics prevent damage from dust, dirt and tampering
- High-quality, all glass optics with precision coatings produce distinct detail in every image
- Parfocal design: view the entire specimen, then zoom to a detail - without losing focus

The vision to enlighten and educate:
- Provides transmitted light, reflected light or both, simultaneously
- Students can easily switch between illumination methods
- The stage temperature remains cool for safe operation

The vision to build a better stereomicroscope:
- Enclosed telescoping pillars guarantee image stability and durability
- Superior construction means built-in protection against dust, dirt, leakage and rough handling
- A cemented glass stage plate protects internal components
- Eyepieces attached to the eyetubes eliminate loss and breakage
- A rugged cast aluminum stand provides a solid balance


- Construction: Cast Aluminum Stand
- Stand Type: Standard
- Head Configuration: Binocular
- Eyepieces 15x U.W.F. (P/N: 13311574-02), Eyepiece Magnification: 15x – 14mm field of view
- Interpupillary range: 49-73mm
- Viewing angle: 60° from horizontal axis
- Optics: Achromatic, all glass
- Zoom magnification range, Continuous zoom system: 10.5x-45x Ratio 4:1
- Maximum Magnification: 45x
- Mechanical working distance: 100mm to specimen
- Illumination, Three-way combination:
Reflected: 6V, 15W Halogen 200hrs
Transmitted: 230V, 15W Tungsten 1000hrs
Transmitted Light Area Diameter: 40mm
- Stage dimensions, Width x Depth: 175mm x 196mm
- Instrument dimensions: 25cm x 18cm x 34.5cm
- Power: 230V, 50/60 Hz, 30 W

Items delivered:

- Leica Stereo Zoom 2000 Microscope


The microscope is in excellent cosmetic as well as technical condition. It is 100% functional tested and ready to be used.

Hersteller: Leica
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