MALVERN AWA2003 Hydro 2000 µP Dispersion Unit Ultrasound + Variable Speed Pump

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Manufacturer: MALVERN

Model: AWA2003 Hydro 2000 µP Dispersion Unit

S/N: MAL130023

YOM: 2009


The sole purpose of any sample dispersion unit is to prepare the sample then deliver it to the measurement zone of the optical bench so that it can be measured. The Micro Precision Hydro 2000µP sample dispersion unit with ultrasonics allows the Mastersizer 2000 to be used for particle-in-liquid particle sizing and has been specifically designed so that only small amounts of sample and suspending liquids (dispersants) are required. The small volume of the Hydro 2000µP is ideal when using solvent dispersants or when samples and dispersants are either expensive or hazardous. The materials used in the manufacture of the dispersion unit maximise the range of samples which can be measured.

The dispersion unit comprises two main units:

- The control unit which contains most of the control electronics.
- The cell unit which contains the cell, the sample well, pump, ultrasonic probe and the drain facilities

- Control unit:
The control unit contains most of the control electronics for the dispersion unit. Power and communications cables are connected to the control unit. A control cable is connected from the front of the control unit to the front of the cell unit.
- Cell unit:
The cell unit contains the cell, well, pump and drain facilities. The cell unit is designed to circulate the sample and dispersant mixture and pass it through the analysing laser beam of the optical bench.
- Sample well:
The well in the cell unit is where sample to be measured is added. The sample well and connecting pipes have a capacity of less than 20ml.
- Cell unit holder:
The cell unit holder is a “parking” area for the cell when it is not in use. This is particularly useful when more than one dispersion unit is in use. It allows the cell to be removed and stored without the need to disconnect it from the dispersion unit. When the cell is “parked” for a short period make sure that the cell is full of dispersant. If it is to be parked for longer periods, the unit should be drained and the cell windows dried. The Essentials manual describes these procedures.
- Well cone
The well cone is where the sample is added to the cell unit. Typically, dispersant is added by filling the well to within 1 to 2mm of the top of the well. Perform an anaerobic fill (to remove bubbles) and then remove dispersant directly from the well using a pipette so that the well is about a quarter full.
- Well lid:
The well lid is used to reduce the escape of hazardous fumes when measuring using hazardous samples and dispersants. It also reduces the risk of accidental splashing from the well.
- Lid locking lever:
The lid locking lever is used to lock the well lid in place when measurements are taking place.

The dispersion unit includes following cables, ports and valves:

- Control cable
- Ultrasonic control cable
- Dispersant inlet port
- Drain port
- Dispersant valve, which is used to prevent sample or dispersant leaking when the dispersant input syringe is removed. Non-aqueous valve is suitable for use with a large range of chemically aggressive dispersants. The non-aqueous valve is white and has a tap on its side.


- Variable speed pump – allows a wide range of particle sizes and densities to be suspended and circulated
- Ultrasonic system – allows particle agglomerates to be dispersed and assists in removing bubbles from the system
- Temperature sensing – an internal sensor monitors the temperature of the dispersant


- Dispersion type: Wet
- Capacity: Approx. 20 ml
- Dispersion mechanisms: AWA2003 - Continuously variable and independent pump and ultrasound
- Weight:
Cell: 4.25 kg
Control box/cell holder: 8 kg
- Dimensions:
Width 108 mm
Height: 242 mm (excluding motor and handle)
Height: 335 mm (including motor and handle)
Depth: 252 mm
Control box/cell holder:
Width: 284 mm
Height: 338 mm
Depth: 252 mm
- Particle size range: 0.05-120 µm, depending on particle shape and density
- Power requirement: 200-240V AC, 48W
- Pump:
Speed: 0 and 500-5000 rpm
Accuracy: 500-5000 rpm, +/-5% of F.S.
Max dispersant viscosity: 0.54 Poise (0.054 Pa.s)
Safety: Over current and over temperature protected.
- Ultrasound:
Frequency: 48 kHz (nominal)
Power: 0 - 20W (dependent upon dispersant)
Safety: Over current protected

Items delivered:

- MALVERN AWA2003 Hydro 2000 µP Dispersion Unit
- Connecting cable
- External DC Power Supply Unit (PSU)
- Instruction Manual


The item is in very good cosmetic as well as working condition. It is 100% functional tested and ready to be operated.

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