MSP M185 Fast Screening Impactor Fine Fraction Collector NGI Pre-Separator

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Manufacturer: MSP

Model: M185 Fast Screening Impactor (FSI) incl. Fine Fraction Collector (FFC) and FSI Housing

P/N (Fine Fraction Collector (FFC)): 0185-98-0100A-A

P/N (FSI Housing): 0185-98-0200A-A


The Fast Screening Impactor (FSI), a tool for R&D and QbD applications of inhaler testing and for quick determination of the fine particle fraction of the dose emitted from a dry-powder, metered-dose, or other inhalable drug product. Externally, the FSI looks like the pre-separator of the Next Generation Impactor (NGI) resting on a final filter. Internally, the size-fractionating component of the FSI is the insert that rests inside the body of the “pre-separator-like” coarse fraction collector. The design of this insert allows one to capture, by impaction, particles meeting nearly any practical definition of “coarse,” so that the material captured on the downstream filter is thereby the fine particle fraction.
The FSI uses a two-stage separation process: Large, non-inhalable boluses are impinged into a liquid trap, which is followed by a fine-cut impaction stage. This provides unparalleled accuracy, high capacity, low internal losses and low carry-over. No additional pre-separator is required, even for high-dose products. The FPD is collected within an external filter holder, with quick-release latches for rapid removal of the filter holder for gravimetric or chemical analysis. The varied cut point and flow rate options are possible thanks to the special, inexpensive inserts that have been designed for the FSI. Inserts are available in any of the cut point and flow rate combinations.

The Fast Screening Impactor based on the NGI Pre-Separator:

Based on proven Next Generation Impactor (NGI) technology - the pre-separator of the NGI is a natural basis for this Fast Screening Impactor because it has unusually good particle collection behavior for the large particles that are typically considered "coarse", such as particles larger than five microns aerodynamic diameter - the Model 185 Fast Screening Impactor (FSI) is an easy to use, versatile instrument that enables the user to quickly, accurately and reliably determine the fine particle dose (FPD) of MDIs, DPIs and nasal aerosols and sprays.

Main features of the Fast Screening Impactor:

- You decide the flow rate (28.3 L/min to 100 L/min)
- You decide the cut you want (4.7, 5.0, 10 microns; or custom)

Items delivered:

- MSP M185 Fast Screening Impactor (FSI) incl. Fine Fraction Collector (FFC) and FSI Housing
- Instruction Manual


The Impactor is in excellent cosmetic condition, 100% functional tested and ready to be applied.

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