Maquet FLOW-i C20 Anesthesia Delivery System Anästhesiesystem 2015

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Manufacturer:  Maquet

Model: FLOW-i C 20 Anesthesia Delivery System / inclusive patient monitor of your choice: Datascope Passport 2
             Siemens SC 6002XL

S/N: 4741 (Year 2015)

REF: 6677200


MAQUET FLOW-i® brings advanced ICU ventilator performance and anesthesia delivery together in one patient-friendly unit.

Representing the latest standard in anesthesia, FLOW-i enables clinicians to continuously adapt and improve anesthesia care to match the situation at hand while maintaining stable respiratory conditions.

FLOW-i can be used across the widest range of patient groups, including those with acute respiratory demands and pediatric patients.

Modular and ergonomic, FLOW-i is a flexible, adaptable and upgradeable system. Ease of use and training contribute to more efficient use of hospital resources.

FLOW-i comes in three models depending on your needs. All models feature a rotatable arm for flexible screen positioning, tiltable screens to allow for maximized screen visibility and vertical and horizontal rails for auxiliary equipment.

FLOW-i C20 offers the added storage space of 2-3 optional drawers. One lockable drawer is always included.


Base system weight: Approx. 155 kg
Dimensions of base plate: 692 x 985 mm
Height: 860 mm
Drawers: 2 (1 lockable)
Vertical shafts for optional horizontal rails: 4
Wheels: Four wheels (diameter 150 mm) with separate brakes
Working surface/writing table: Approx. 420 x 600 mm
Additional writing table: 397 mm x 250 mm
Reading lamp: Adjustable LED light integrated into the display arm

Essential Performance
PEEP (all modes): ±20% or ±2 cmH2O from set PEEP-level (whichever is greater)
Respiration rate (all modes): ±10% or ±2 bpm (whichever is greater)
Fresh gas O2 concentration (all modes): Air/O2 Range 21-59% ±6%ABS, but always at least 21% Range 60-100% ±10%ABS O2/N2O Range 28-59% ±6%ABS Range 60-100% ±10%ABS
Fresh gas agent concentration: ±20% of set value or ±10% of maximum possible setting (whichever is greater)
(all modes, Sevo., Iso., Des.)
Pressure level above PEEP: ±15% or ±3 cmH2O (whichever is greater)
(Pressure Control/Support only)
Tidal volume delivery (Volume Control): ±15% or ±15 ml (whichever is greater)

For the complete specifications please have a look at the datasheet to find on the website of maquet

The system comes without the injection vaporizers.

Items delivered:

- Maquet FLOW-i C 20 Anesthesia Delivery System
- Datascope Passport 2 or Siemens SC 6002XL (patient Monitor)
- integrated power cord and tubings
- 2x disposable CO² Absorber Filters
- Instruction Manual
- Quick Guide
- Lock Key for the upper drawer

The system is in perfect like new condition and 100% functional tested due to it's sorting out.

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