Meridian Bioscience illumipro-10 Incubator Reader Laser Diode DNA Amplification

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Manufacturer: Meridian Biosciene, Inc.

Model: illumipro-10™ Incubator Reader with Thermal Printer

P/N: 610172

S/N: IP2010


The illumipro-10™ is an automated isothermal amplification and detection  system for use with Meridian Bioscience, Inc. illumigene® Loop-Mediated  Amplification products.
The illumipro-10™ is intended to be used by trained laboratory professional  users in laboratory settings.

Isothermal amplification is carried out by two independently controlled heat  blocks capable of operating between 55 C and 65 C, and within 1 C of the  temperature set point. The isothermal amplification temperature set point is dictated by the  illumigene Assay selected. Isothermal amplification time is monitored by the illumipro-10’s internal timer. When in operation, the illumipro-10 will display  ‘Test in Progress’ as well as block temperature and incubation time remaining.

DNA amplification detection is completed by the illumipro-10 optics system. Each  illumipro-10 block contains laser diodes illuminating at 650 ± 20 nm and corresponding detectors monitoring light transmission across each illumipro-10  well. The illumipro-10 performs an initial check of the optics system prior to run start. Observed failures in the optics system disable the instrument  block until the failure can be resolved. After successful optics verification, the illumipro-10 checks for the presence of an illumigene test device in each  well. The illumipro-10 automatically enters a Sample ID of ‘EMPTY WELL’ for all wells that a test device cannot be detected in. The illumipro-10 measures  the absorbance of each illumigene test device at the beginning and end of the isothermal amplification incubation. Sample results are reported as INVALID,  POSITIVE, or NEGATIVE based on the observed change in absorbance.

Key Facts:

• Optimal flexibility for stat or batch runs
• True walk away capability for optimized workflow
• Very low maintenance requirements enhance efficiency
• Instrument verifications can be performed with in-house personnel


• Digital Display (guides users through process)
• Automatic system self-check
• Reaction Blocks (operate independently)
• Barcode reader (for sample ID entry)
• Small Footprint (of instrument is only 21 cm x 29.2 cm)

Performance features of the illumipro-10 include the following:

• Self-diagnostics are performed at power-on and at Run start
• Self-diagnostic for Test Device Placement and Optics Path Verification
• Lid Closure Detection and Lid Lock Feature
• Thermal Heat Block with Optics Detection at each well with Visible Light  Emission/Absorbance (650 ± 20 nm)
• Interval Timer with Real-Time Assay Processing Time Display
• Simple LCD User Interface for Instrument Set-up, Program Selection and Sample  Identification Input
• Barcode Scanner for Sample Identification entry
• External Keyboard available for Sample Identification entry
• Attached Printer for results reporting
• Control of amplification product carry-over through use of the self-contained  illumigene Test Device

Items delivered:

- Meridian Bioscience illumipro-10 Incubator Reader
- Meridian Bioscience illumipro-10 Thermo Printer
- Power Cord & Connection Cables
- Instruction Manual

The incubator reader is in absolutely like new condition and 100% functional  tested.

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