Metrohm 756 KF Coulometer with 728 Stirrer 831 Keyboard and Coulometric Cell

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Manufacturer: Metrohm

Model: 756 KF Coulometer with generator electrode

S/N: 22654


The 756 KF Coulometer is used for the determination of low-level water contents.  It comes equipped with a built-in printer and two RS 232C interfaces which allow communication with a balance, external printer and/or computer. It offers  accurate and reproducible results even for water contents in the lower micro  range. The dialogue languages English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish and  Italian are standard, as is the backlit screen with its graphics capabilities. The screen not only provides a clear presentation of the parameters, but also  shows graphically the course of the KF determination as µg water versus time. You may program GLP and ISO 900X functions such as service or validation  intervals which alert the user in time to the necessary tests. The GLP mode  assists you in carrying out the instrument validation. It contains the formula  for calculating contents and recovery rates, the latter allowing to assess the  systematic error or bias, i.e. the deviation from the reference value. The  integrated method memory holds about 100 methods.
Titration rate: Max. 2.24 mg H2O/min
Determination range: 10 µg to 200 mg H2O
Resolution: 0.1 µg H2O


? Flexible but easy to operate ? no contradiction in terms!
? Cell with or without diaphragm ? the choice is yours
? Method memory for many applications

Items delivered:

- Metrohm 756 KF Coulometer
- Metrohm 728 Stirrer
- Metrohm 831 KF Coulometer Keyboard
- KF Coulometric Cell incl. 6.0342.110, Pt / -20...70°C 6.0341.110, etc.
- Power Cord
- Instruction Manual

The KF Coulometer is in used but good cosmetic condition and 100% functional  tested.

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